His Man-ness Still Lingers.


I totally sucked you in with the title, didn't I?

So anyway...Yesterday, while I was dutifully caring and tending to the needs of my family, dear Hubbypants posted this on my "chatter" feed RIGHT HERE ON BLOGHER!

"Sometimes I look at my cleavage and say "Nice!""

To which it received a few good natured replies.

Serves me right, I guess...for leaving my feed unguarded.

But what really intrigues me?

Not only was my page violated by his Man-ness, but NO ONE questioned whether it was a hack. Y'all thought it was me!!!

That is either really damn funny or disturbing.

I'm not sure which, but I do suspect it is a little of both.

Am I really so 'out there' that y'all thought such a statement could have come from me?

And if the answer is yes, then is that a good thing?

Because, I'm kind of thinking it might be.



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