In His Timing

Just the other day, Friday to be exact, my sister and I were having a conversation about work and life.  We are both moms and both work from home; she has steady work because she codes for a company, while I have to continually seek out projects because I do an array of other things and am basically solo.  Anywho, she was speaking on the fact that she felt that GOD was laying something on her heart, that it was something more to what she should be doing.  She has been constantly pressing forward, but she said that she felt paralyzed on the inside.  She makes a decent living and has a beautiful home, but she asked for increase.

It was kind of weird how the conversation started.  She was doing work in her home office, while I stepped in to do some research, after feeding and tending to the kids.  She told me about her prayer the night before.  She basically recited the the Prayer of Jabez.  The she asked, 'what was there to do if you have done all that you can?'  Of course she ended up answering her own question while singing a song that we tend to sing.  Stand, that is the response...Stand, when you have given it your all and your best, the most that you can do at that point is to Stand.  But then she came back with another question, 'how do you know that you have done all that you can?'  That was a question we both could not answer at that point.

Fastforwarding past the silliness that followed and the impromptu comedic segment, lol.  Her phone rang, this call would prove to be the answer that she so desperate sought after.  A colleague called and was telling her.  The conversation started about a sleepover and the attendants finally going home.  Then the news, the colleague was leaving the company.  My sister inquired as to why, but it wasn't anything bad.  She had another opportunity with better benefits.  What was said next, kind of blew our minds.  She told my sister that she had flown out for the interview and got an official offer within two days.  She also told my sister that she had spoken with the hiring manager about her (my sister).  She was then instructed to send the hiring manager an email with her resume.  

After the phone conversation, we just kind of looked at each other in awe.  Could this be...that soon after asking boldly?  She contemplated on waiting to send in her resume and I told her to go ahead and send it.  She finished up the case that she was working on.  After she did some prep work, she sent her resume off to the email address that was given to her.  We talked, sent up praises.  I was in tears, I am sensitive at times, lol!  Then went continued on with what we had going on, taking time to brief that about what had transpired.  

After about 30 minutes, her phone rang; it was a number that she didn't recognize, so like most of us, she let it go to voicemail.  Quickly, after that, she thought aloud, 'what if that was them calling?'  I went to check the number since I had the website pulled up, but I didn't find the prefix to the number that she rattled off.  She ended up checking her voicemail and sure enough, it was the company.  She thought about calling them back Monday, since they were located on the East coast and it was closing time.  I told her to go ahead and give them a call back because she would never know.

I took the little ones upstairs to watch television, while she prepared herself to make the phone call that could change her life.  She was in her office for a little while.  After about 45 minutes, she surfaced, with a look of surprise and shock.  They wanted to know if she would be willing to fly out by next week.  Now the funny thing is, that I live in another state and I am visiting her, my mom will be on her way here and it would kind of work out.  We discussed the arrangements and she said, 'it would be funny if I got the interview while you all are here?'  We continued to praise HIM in advance of what HE is about to do.

The next day, she received a message to ask if she would be willing to fly out tomorrow, which is today, Sunday, December 30, 2012.  She spoke with me about the arrangements and I told her to go ahead, that I would take care of the kids while she was gone.  

She was also asked if she could attend a week long training Jan. 7, 2013.  We were in total disbelief because it seemed like everything was happening so fast and we didn't not have time to process it all.  We discussed arragements for her having to fly out again in a week and everything is working out.

At this moment, she is preparing to board a plane to fly out for an interview tomorrow; company paid.  I have been shaking on the inside and crying.  We have put it in HIS hands and we know that HE will see her through this.  I am proud of my sister and I praise HIM for the blessngs...HE is blessing everyone around me and all I can do is just continue to be in awe of HIS provisions. 


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