An historical week

We have had a bit of a historical week. Firstly, it was my birthday and I am reaching an age where my birth seems like some sort of historic event. Then we spent Sunday at the Imperial War Museum in London because rebel daughter is studying the second world war. My birthday celebrations went very well. We took the girls swimming, bought some knock-down bargain shoes, after I flirted briefly with the idea of high heels and a complete change of look before trying a pair on and falling over, and hit the charity shops for some children's books. My partner and I then headed out for a night on the tiles ie a quick trip to Pizza Express and home before 10.30pm. It was liberating, though, to be out without children for the first time in ages. I got to use my new make-up kit, although I could see that bonkers and big girl daughters had already got their eyes on it [they managed to last until Sunday morning]. Bonkers daughter got very excited about the prospect of mummy and daddy going on a date and subsequently quizzed me about every boy I have ever kissed.

The trip to the Imperial War Museum was interesting. We arrived at lunchtime and sat in the park to witness a troupe of children doing a flamenco dance. "That's not flamenco," muttered my partner [who is Spanish] as we wandered away. The costumes were good, though, and bonkers daughter is already planning how I am going to construct one for her. The girls were particularly taken by the submarine section of the museum and spent ages getting a soldier in and out of the ship. Big girl daughter was very impressed by the phones which told you stories and didn't want to put them down. There are a LOT of phones in that museum.  Rebel daughter recalled the "dude" who took charge of Britain during the war [I think she was referring to Winston Churchill]. Bonkers daughter got fixated about where people go when they die and was worried she would end up in hell, with Frankenstein. Better not to ask why. I told her hell is a made up place, that Frankenstein is a made up person, but apparently he was on the Amanda Show on Nick Jr so he must be real.

I tried to explain to rebel daughter why the Nazis killed the Jews and why saying you were just doing your job was not a good enough reason. I said you have to know the difference between right and wrong and not go along with the crowd and gave an example from school. "Are you saying my friend is a Nazi?" she asked. The conversation moved on to a discussion of fire safety drills. Bonkers daughter is now obsessed by this, after a fire safety session at school. Are these things supposed to make children feel safe or what? Rebel daughter is still traumatised by her session and I have had to re-enact the escape procedure, including crawling on bellies, and reassure her many times that I will not leave her till last to save.

All in all, I am not entirely sure what they got out of the whole historical session except that bonkers daughter is now worried the boat to France is going to be torpedoed - or attacked by a giant shark.

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