The History of Snowshoes? Really?

Poor Sport

You know its an Olympic year when you find yourself watching women's hockey, or hockey, at all... but watching a women's team sport on TV? It has to be an Olympic year.

 I liked the hockey women though. I know shite about hockey but the women looked very hockey-y and really played well and didn't fall down. I leaned that in Olympic hockey there is no fighting, even the men are forbidden from beating each other up! I wonder if it messes with their hockey playing rhythm if they can't beat each other up indiscriminately? Do they get more tired then normal from not getting to rest in the penalty box? And if they can't fight in Olympic hockey why can they fight in regulation hockey? I heard something on NPR about fighting and hockey but it just said Yep. Hockey players beat each other up and the fans like it. Go Fans! Is it like the crowd wanting wreaks in NASCAR? There was no answer.

In real life, is there professional women's hockey? They seem to be running a lot of ads featuring little girls playing hockey so it must be something that girls do, but do they do it when they stop being girls? Is it what they do instead of soccer in cold weather states? Do high schools in North Dakota have girls hockey teams?

The US Team got silver. The Canadians owned the game from the very start and the really played to win. They wanted it and they got it.

I'm sitting here watching TV, duh. Why are we watching features on lumbering instead of the women's figure skating free skate? I mean who cares! Why are we not watching the Olympics? Do you know what I care about every four years? Free Style Skiing Do you know what I never care about? "Where Maple Syrup Comes From". If they want to run these human interest pieces aren't there more appropriate times to run them? like perhaps during the third heat of the hotly non-contested Bulgaria vs. Thailand curling match? I mean like NOT DURING WOMENS FIGURE SKATING?

 We need to watch hour and and hours of preliminary heats of curling and Nordic combined? Really? Those must be shown uncut and interrupted? But figure skating can be shown chopped and diced? We watched the whole damn women's hockey game we can't watch more then ten consecutive minutes of women's figure skating? I saw something online today that said most of the audience for these games are white women. Do you know what white women want to watch? As a white woman, I can assure you its not FEATURES ON THE CANDIAN LOGGING INDUSTRY! I want my figure skating!


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