Engaged on Twitter: How Do You Feel About Public Love?

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Social media ... the most romantic medium in the world? There have been stories about people re-meeting old flames via Facebook, or starting new relationships over Twitter, but Stephanie Sullivan and Greg Rewis have bumped it up a notch by not only getting engaged on Twitter back in 2008 (the first of its kind), but promising to tweet their wedding this upcoming Thursday complete with its own hashtag: #tweetwed.

Sullivan and Rewis used Twitter to keep in close contact with each other during their long-distance relationship. Sullivan didn't know that Rewis planned to propose via one of their favorite mediums until it showed up in her Twitter feed. "I was surprised in that I hadn't envisioned our engagement happening in that way—I mean, it was obviously his idea. But I wasn't surprised by it since our relationship was long distance and technology played a huge role in it."

A little over two years ago, on March 3, 2008, Rewis's tweeted: "@stefsull - ok. for the rest of the twitter-universe (and this is a first, folks) - WILL YOU MARRY ME?" Sullivan replied: "@garazi - OMG - Ummmmm ... I guess in front of the whole twitter-verse I'll say--I'd be happy to spend the rest of my geek life with you ... "

The couple explored the idea of holding their wedding truly via Twitter. Sullivan says,

We explored a "pure Twitter" wedding for that date—meaning I would be in Phoenix and he would be in whatever country he was in—but I couldn't discern whether we could legally be in two different places for the actual ceremony. Then we looked at doing it as a surprise at SXSW this year (we probably knew a hundred people or more that were there, so it could have been fun), but he was flying in from Asia and couldn't arrive until Saturday and Texas law requires a 72-hour wait after you get the license —- which would have been Monday. So by the time we could be married, most of our friends would be gone. We finally settled on April 1st.

The couple met at tech conferences and have written a book about CSS together. When asked how this story will play out in the future, Sullivan admits, "If we have a 50th, we'll be VERY, very old. But I'd say at our 30th, or maybe even 40th anniversary, I'm gonna ask for a ride in my grand kid's hover car. And while we're up there, I'm going to tell them that no matter how much technology exists, to follow their heart and find their soul mate. The rest of life sorts itself out."

Most romantic Jumbotron-proposal-like moment of all time? Biggest publicity stunt? Just a big sappy story of two people in love and bursting with a desire to share it with the world?

Come on, Sullivan and Rewis can't be the only ones with a good how-we-met/got-engaged/or got-married story. Hit us with your best relationship tales.

Melissa writes Stirrup Queens and Lost and Found. Her book is Navigating the Land of If.


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