Hitting the Pavement

I need to start working out more. "Hitting the Pavement" as my dad likes to call it.

I have always been a slim/medium build and never had to really worry about my weight fluctuating (I'm not bragging. That's just how it is). However, since having a child my body has changed. No, I don't think I'm over weight and I'm not complaining about that. I have lost all of the baby weight but there is still extra weight I gain from getting married that just won't seem to budge. Everyone has a weight that they feel comfortable at, and I'm not at mine. I know what I need to do to improve that. I think  there needs to be more hours in the day to help me reach my goal.

I had been doing a great job of working out post baby months 4-9. I was doing both Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred and Lindsey Brin's Post Natal Boot Camp with a regular consistency leading up to the Yankee Doodle Dash first 5k I've ran in 8 years. Then I took it back slightly because the scale was finally showing the results I wanted and the school year started, which meant that James was back to work and we were much busier and I lost my routine. I got back into after I asked my dad to sign us up for the Hawk Hustle. I was really proud of myself because I shaved 2 minutes off my time from my last race (turns out the course was measured wrong, but I still felt good about how I ran). Since then I'm not sure what has happened. It just seems there is no time for working out... Or at least, as it probably really is, I'm not making time.

James usually gets home from work between 2 and 4 (depending on what school he is subbing the second half of the day at). 2-4 nights of the week he has to be out the door again for a rehearsal, teaching a lesson, or a meeting of some sort by 6. This means that I have enough time to get a shower and make dinner before he leaves. And, what spare time I do get I want to spend it with my husband. I've tried working out in the house while Jimi is awake, trust me it doesn't work. As for nap times, I've found that if I work out Jimi will wake up before I get a chance to shower, which leaves me sitting in my sweat all day. Gross.

I could wake up earlier in the morning before Jimi gets up but find myself savoring every last minute of sleep since he is yet to be sleeping through the night. As for working out after he's in bed... that's not happening for several reasons. First: It's dark super early now and coyotes roam our neighborhood. Second: We live in a one bedroom apartment, which means that when Jimi goes to bed we all are sequestered into the bedroom so we don't wake him (he sleeps in a nook in the living room) and I'm too embarrassed to be doing workout dvds in front of James.

But since my Dad just signed us up for the Seattle Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving  it looks like I'll be getting up a little earlier to fit in my workouts.

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