Hetal Jannu

Co-founder, Show Me the Curry

Hetal Jannu is the co-founder of ShowMeTheCurry.com, a blog dedicated to teaching Indian cuisine through the visual medium.  She, along with her friend and business partner Anuja Balasubramanian, has been producing simple, easy to follow cooking videos for the past 2 years.  With the increasing popularity of video based cooking blogs, ShowMeTheCurry.com is rapidly growing with visitors from all corners of the world.

Hetal graduated from Southern Methodist University (Dallas, TX) with a degree in Finance.  After being in the corporate world for a few years, she became an entrepreneur, starting her own consulting company.  With the birth of her first child, Hetal took time off to become a full-time mom.  When her children were independent, she started looking for an opportunity to get back into business. Together with her friend Anuja, she founded ShowMeTheCurry.com with a vision to make Indian cooking easy for everyone.

ShowMeTheCurry.com has received wide recognition in media such as USA Today, CNN International, Ft. Worth Star Telegram, WFAA TV, CBS 11 and others.

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