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This morning, my 5 year old came down the steps (woobie in hand), curled up on my lap, and snuggled with me. Ok, so it only lasted 3minutes, but the point is he let me hold him and love on him.  Jason doesn't let me cuddle up with him to often these days, so I take my snuggle time with him whenever I can get it!
If there is one lesson I have learned in the past 10years of raising kids (this includes the many, many, many little ones I have babysat for and nieces, nephews, and cousins) it is this:
People try to tell you "you better put that baby down...your going to spoil it"....DON'T LISTEN!
If you want to hold your baby (no matter what the age) DO IT! It's the one thing, as a parent, you will never regret! You will never feel "mommy guilt" because you hugged or kissed or snuggled with your baby to much!
I remember when my oldest son was a baby, he would only sleep with me, and had seperation anxiety to the max! People would tell me it was because he was "attached at my hip" or because I "never put that baby down". They'd warn me about how he was going to "always need me by his side" and would never become "independent"...hahaha were they WRONG!!! My son is now 10 and completely unharmed by my holding him non-stop!
Thus, my point is this....your baby won't stay little long, before you know it they will be as tall as you, and only show you love when they want something! So hug them, hold them, kiss them...spoil them with love! It's the one thing we can ALL afford to give "to much" of!
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