Holding the Tiger's Tail

So, it's been a little while. I'm sorry about that. I really am, because a good part of writing this blog is my desire not to forget a single second of this process. I want to live it, not just rush through it so that all I remember are the millions of email checks and the anxiety.

In the last few weeks, I've revised my novel with my agent. A major revision that went so smoothly. I cut about 5,000 words and added 10,000. Part of me was a little afraid that I was revising out whatever made my book special. Okay, more than a little afraid.

At some point (I hope), I'll figure how to just believe that this is happening. I'm actively working on that. Finding success as a writer isn't a fluke. No one is going to realize I don't deserve it and take it away from me.

All I have to do is what I've always done. Write. Everyday. Read. Everyday. Read like a writer. Write like a reader. Be willing to learn and grow and be vulnerable to rejection.Then even if this book, in the end, doesn't sell, I won't fall apart. I'm not a one book wonder.

I've heard from my agent that my manuscript is ready to go. (That was good.) I need to write a few paragraphs this weekend about the full story arc in the hopes of convincing an editor that there is a sequel or two in my future. If everything goes as planned my book will go on submission to editors in the next ten days or so.

Yeah, man. This is happening.

* * *

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