Holiday Craziness--and How to Stay Calm

I think I could be a poster girl for overuse injuries.  As one of my friends points out, I exercise like I'm 18 (and, trust me, I'm no where near it)

So my knees often hurt--as well as my lower back.  Oh--and did I mention my talus bone?  That's the bone that runs across the instep of your foot; mine often gets dislocated, so my chiropractor shakes and manipulates my foot to get it back in

I found this on the blog of one of my favorite footwear companies, pluggz.  The shoes are made with the concept of grounding (the theory that the Earth is a positive energy force---and when we're able to absorb the Earth's electrons, we can embrace the positive and let go of the negative.)  Anyway, when I wore my first pair, my knee and lower back pain disappeared in just hours.

...And now we go to all the holiday craziness, full of personal and professional responsibilities, juggling budget, finding the perfect gift and more. Here's some great advice from them on staying calm, happy and grounded throughout that crazy season:


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