Holiday Decor

Happy belated Fourth of July beauties! I hope everyone had a restful and fun fourth weekend. It was quiet down here in Louisiana (at least at my house) but it was good! We threw my cousin an engagement party last night so it took all weekend to set up and get things ready for him and his wonderful fiancee! Anyways, with the Fourth of July just passing through, I thought I would write on holiday decorations in your future dorm room. I would really encourage you to participate in this phenomenon. It is so fun and keeps things changing throughout the year. It also gets everyone in a festive mood :) Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring Break, and Easter are all big holidays so decorations can easily be found at Target, WalMart, KMart, Michaels, Gordons, or Hobby Lobby. Sometimes just a simple door decoration is all that is needed while other times a Christmas tree, lights, ornaments and ceiling decorations are a must. It depends on you. How big do you want to do it? My motto is "Go big or go home." But, if you prefer smaller risks, be my guest!!

Something else that is really fun to do is to decorate your girlfriends' (or guy friends) doors for their birthday. You can wrap it in birthday wrapping paper and put a huge bow. Or, make a really big card for everyone to sign on his/her door. You can always buy those crazy signs like "It's my birthday...." to put on his/her door too. I have even rolled someone's dorm room with toilet paper for her birthday. We snuck in while she wasn't there :) Get creative. Afterall, your birthday is another holiday and just another excuse to have some fun and decorate!!



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