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I love finding holiday gifts that truly relate to the person receiving them.  Whether it's something large or small, expensive or frugal, I think e all appreciate gifts that support for our hobbies, interests, lives. Who better to get recommendations from for the gardeners in your lives than from some of the garden bloggers themselves?

Margaret Roach is totally taken by the Art Seed Packs from Hudson Valley Seed Libary.  With charming packets such as Dragon's Tongue Beans, Fox Cherry Tomato, and the Sugar Baby Watermelon (shown below), I can understand why Margaret is charmed. (yes, I'll be giving these packets to a couple gardeners I adore). As she explains:

The four colorful rounded tabs... fold behind the cover image, and the whole little origami-like thing holds a glassine envelope of heirloom seeds. You can purchase one, or a whole set of 16. Charming.

Amy Stewart at Garden Rants picked the one gift that any non-gardener could give and make a gardener happy -though she admits she's not quite sure why.  She even wrote instructions:

This year, I issued the following set of instructions to the non-gardener who needs one sure-fire, completely perfect gift that will fit any gardener.  All gardeners. To compile my instructions, I wandered around the garden center looking for such a thing, and there it was.  The clay sphere.  Cheap (but scalable--you can buy a dozen if you've got the money), elegant, and weirdly appropriate for any kind of garden. Who thought of the clay sphere and what, exactly, makes it so appealing?

I don't know.  But here are my instructions, in case you need to print them out and leave them sitting around for a certain someone:

GO. Read her instructions if you're in doubt! Or need a laugh. developed an entire creative list of gifts for the home gardener breaking their ideas down into catagories such as: in the Kitchen, in the Garden, On the Couch, and In the Automobile. My favorite is a quick and simple gift for the auto: a hand made car air freshener made from a clove-studded lemon.

Andrea Bellamy from Heavy Petal has a list of suggestions from artistic items you can find on to practical items with elegant design.  Among the items are Felco classic pruners:

There’s a reason these hand pruners have “classic” in their name. Felco is the name in secateurs, and you’ll never regret the investment in this quality product. This is another gift that will last a lifetime.

Claire Span from An Alameda Garden suggested ordering tickets to your regional Home and Garden Show (specifically The SF Flower and Garden Show). During the winter, a show can satisfy the need to see a garden growing, the inspiration to work on a new project when the weather clears, and a chance to find bulbs and plants to start.  The promise of spending a day enjoying these sights with a friend is wonderfully special.

Want something a little different this year?  Check out Mother Nature Network's Quirky Holiday Gift Guide.

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