Holiday Gift Guide for Entrepreneurs

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What do most entrepreneurs and self-employed business owners want for the holidays? Gifts that fall into two main categories.

1) Something that helps them move their business forward.

2) Something that makes their life easier and more enjoyable.

Self-employed business owners are a time strapped bunch with big visions. With all the balls that get juggled and the work-life balance continuum, choose wisely when you gift to this crowd. You want to support who they are and what they're really about. In other words, no random Tchotchkes that simply take up space and don't get used. Show that you "get" what they are up to and give them a boost by what you buy.

Because everyone's budget is different, here are 15 gift ideas ranging from the "almost free" to "sky's the limit".

5 Gift Ideas Under $25

Whether you buy a book to help them futher their business or simply nourish their spirit, you can never go wrong with a good book. Start with a classic like The E-Myth by Michael Gerber or go for one of the bestselling business books of 2012 (NY Times Bestseller list). My list of must-read books for someone starting a business (or thinking about it) can be found here. For fun, there's always something brewing at the BlogHer Book Club that might strike your fancy.

Gift a magazine subscription to a business publication. A great way to help your entrepreneurial buddy stay abreast of what's happening throughout the year. Entrepreneur, Success Magazine, Fast Company, and Inc. are always popular choices.

Buy some credits for iStockphoto or Copyscape premium. Every entrepreneur with a website or blog (and who doesn't have one, right?) could benefit from some stock photos to use to accompany articles. Credits aren't expensive but are a nice-to-have in the bank for that next project. Copyscape premium allows you to do searches to uncover places where your content might have been stolen or inadvertently duplicated.

Buy or create a gift basket of coffee or tea. Almost everyone drinks either coffee or tea. If you know what they love to drink tailor it custom to their tastes. Unlike a food or fruit basket, this has staying power and will have your friend think of you fondly on cold mornings after the holiday.

Consider taking time to send a handwritten note of gratitude and attach it to a notebook journal. Some of the most valuable gifts an entrepreneur receives is the gratitude, kindness, and feedback from others who care about their journey. In fact while researching this article, one of my friends on Facebook who is a chef and family friend shared that the most treasured gift she ever received was a handwritten note from my mother (who was one of their biggest supporters) before she died . (Of course that made me cry, the perils of conducting research for a post.) Never underestimate the power of a simple, heartfelt gift. A notebook journal is a great gift for capturing creative moments.

2012 holiday gifts for entrepreneurs

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5 Gift Ideas Under $100

Who couldn't use some help with cable management in the home office? I found some really well designed and nice cable management solutions here. Especially if you have small children or pets, this creative gift can do wonders for organizing your space and keeping everyone (including your equipment) safe and sound.


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