Holiday Gift Guide for Entrepreneurs

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Small business owners often find themselves at events and on the road ready to snap a photo or do a quick video for their blog. Trying to capture this yourself by holding your smartphone means you look like a dog with a big nose because of the wide-angle lens problem. Buy your entrepreneur something small and handy like the QuikPod so they are ready for solo-shooting anytime, anywhere.

Gift the gift of all year support, community, and education. Consider buying a year’s subscription to business membership site.

Help them nix the stress and stay healthy. Buy a gift certificate for a massage or other spa treatment. Time away to relax and unwind is critical for long-term success and with a gift from you this precious time away might actually make it to their calendar!

Buy some much needed office supplies (or gift card to an office supply store). Nothing is as shocking for a small business owner as leaving the corporate world that has a supply closet and entering the wide world of buy your own tape, paper clips, post-its, etc.

5 Gift Ideas Where Budget Is No Object (or for that someone VERY special)

Buy the gift of a fully charged electronic device! When the storms hit, the power goes out, or you simply find yourself nowhere near a power supply, something like the Powerbag is a lifesaver.

Make their presentations mobile and professional. I saw this pocket projector and just love it! Anyone who remembers the projectors from the old days that were heavy as an ox and cost as much as a small automobile will gasp in delight. Hooks right up to your mobile device and voila! You are presentation ready.

Give them a much-coveted mobile device. Whether you buy the latest i-Thingy like the iPad mini or iPhone 5 or some other handy mobile goodie. It makea a great shiny object with bling potential while also being a true productivity tool, especially for business owners on the go.

Give the gift of quiet and music. Especially if your friend is a road warrior, nothing says peace like a noise cancelling or noise isolating headphone. (My personal favorite is the Klipsch, although it is a bit of a pain while sweating in the gym.)

The ultimate gift is that of bona-fide professional support for their business. Consider gifting a conference pass, private coaching/consulting, or backend business support services. While pricy (I did say this was for the budget-no-object crowd), it can and will help someone's business grow exponentially.

What are some of the favorite gifts you've received? What are some other great gift ideas you have for entrepreneurs that I haven't included? Please share in the comments below...

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