Holiday Gifts: 5 Tech Toys and Games for Kids

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Halloween is a distant yesterday and the shopping season will quickly change to winter holidays and toys and gifts for children. What's on the holiday wish list for kids this year? Here are 5 ideas to get you started thinking.

Nintendo's Wii Play Motion game is targeting teens in its advertising. But the games look suitable for younger children as well. The website lets you preview each of the 12 games so you can decide if your family will enjoy them. They will all get you moving. Play Motion retails for about $50 and includes an additional Wii remote.

Another game that looks like fun for kids (and adults) is Playstation 3's Everybody Dance. Up to 20 people can dance to 40 songs. Dancing is always fun and dancing is good exercise. I give extra points to a game that can provide both of those. Best Buy is selling Everybody Dance for about $40. Just in case you don't already have them, you need to know that the game requires a PlayStation Move Controller and a PlayStation Eye Camera.

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Speaking of dancing fun, the Just Dance games have a new Just Dance 3 version with new songs and Just Dance Kids with songs and choreographies just for littler ones out this year. The Just Dance games work on almost every gaming system that you are likely to have in your home including Wii, X-box 360 Kinect, and PS3. Just Dance 3 retails for about $40. Just Dance Kids will sell for about $30 retail.

Harry Potter fans who don't already have the full set of DVDs will be looking hard at the Harry Potter DVD Collection this year. Five movies and 12 discs are in the set. The discs include a Harry Potter games and bonus content. The Harry Potter movies are going into the vault soon, so this will be the last chance to get this material for several years. It's available everywhere. The retail price is about $120, but WalMart is advertising it at $75 and at about $82.

VTech, the company that makes learning toys, is coming out with a tablet for the 4 to 9 year old crowd called InnoTab. Games for the InnoTab include Cars2, Toy Story, Disney Princess and Disney Fairies. The tablet sells for about $80, the games for about $25 each.

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