Holiday Goings On

Today, I am sick.

It is currently noon and I've spent the entire morning hanging out on the couch wearing pajamas, watching random TV movies, blowing my nose.
I hate blowing my nose. One of the very few things in life that grosses me out is snot. Even when it's my own. Strange but true, I know.
Oh, and also drinking herbal tea and nutritional yeast broth (not at the same time) out of this amazing mug:
(it's the small things!)

Anyway, Terrence and I have been traveling a lot so far over the Holiday break. After a trip down to Richmond, now we've landed in northeastern Pennsylvania for over a week of family events, Christmas trees, and Holiday junk food. 

Peppermint bark with dark and white chocolate made by my Mother in Law is my favorite for the morning. Addictive and yummy. So far I've only had one piece. One Big piece. And I did say so far...
We went raw again for a week before we left Rappahannock County, and the increased mood, energy, and clarity of mind as well as complexion has 100% convinced me to go completely raw again once the holidays are over and we're back in the normal swing of things.

Just before the holiday I made a couple of cloved oranges - easy, inexpensive, deliciously aromatic, and a nice touch for the holiday season. 

Expect lots of updates and recipes - as it turns out, eating raw ends up being easier, quicker, and cheaper than the ordinary diet. Add tons of increased energy as well, and all that is needed are recipes and a bit of prior planning. A dehydrator is well worth investing in too, if you are interested in doing the full raw thing. With a dehydrator you can make yummy things like bread, cakey-type desserts, and these flax seed crackers:

More on that stuff later. Until then, have a fabulous Holiday!

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