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The Christmas holidays can be the worst time of year to be single for us curvy girls. It’s summer and everyone’s getting around in their shorty shorts and swimmers while drinking champagne and eating their weight in ham. Instead of sporting the much loved pairs of 3/4 length black leggings underneath my outfits I prefer crack open the chub rub and lather it between my thighs avoiding nasty summer sweat rash. This way I can comfortably wear sexy frocks and appreciate the cool breeze between my legs (while sipping champagne and eating ham).

 Of course I’d much prefer to be kissing a sexy bloke under the mistletoe as he decks my halls but instead the ex is going to be at that party with his new girlfriend, I’ll be  seeing my happily married  school friends back home and my entire family will be offering unsolicited  advice on my problematic singleness. Sound familiar? Clearly what we  need is a plus-size  Holiday Hookup!

Yes,  big girls can line up  a temporary boyfriend/man/lover for the summer holidays to get us through to January and ready to continue our search for legit Big Curvy Love in 2013. Take him to work functions, take him to your parents, take him to bed! The situation is win win and of course as his Holiday Hookup you should expect to reciprocate by being his curvy arm candy at his summer parties too. 

So, after busting out your chub rub, putting on your hot summer dress and landing  your plus-size appreciating man, make sure you don’t confuse him with your garden variety  hookup.  For the sake of clarification here are your standard year round  trysts defined there IS a difference my Big Curvy Lovers!

BOOTY CALL-  Late night ‘service’ calls (not friends just sex)

FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS- Friends who start having sex and remain friends

ONE NIGHT STAND – One night only (anything more is a status upgrade)

HOLIDAY HOOKUP - Seasonal relationship- Nov & Dec (Jan at the latest)

Remember the Holiday Hookup is just November to December and January at a push so you both need to  know what you are getting into and also know when its over. Australia Day is your absolute cut off for breaking up with your temp boyfriend! You don’t want the messiness and status confusion of  still hooking up as Valentines Day approaches. If that happens you’ll need to reassess as you could have phased into a relationship without knowing it.  When the Christmas ham is gone so are you!

Have you had a HOLIDAY HOOKUP?  Share the details with us C’mon  we wanna  know!

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