Holiday Kitchen Invaders Detoured

Apple-Cheddar Palmiers.

I often feel like a military commander in my kitchen, on the day of a holiday dinner party. Barking orders, protecting the sacred cargo, holding down the fort from invaders.  

My family strategically circles the kitchen until the meal is ready, slipping by the counter to snatch a stray slice of prime rib or an unwatched roll.

Over time, I've discovered pre-party snacks are the way to go. Munchies that are out of the kitchen, and out of my way, keep us all sane until the guests arrive and the meal is ready.

Is does take a little extra work, but I believe it's worth the effort! If you buy a few pre-made dips, then incorporate a couple quick homemade snacks, everyone is off the prowl until mealtime!

Apple Cheddar Palmiers are perfect for just such an occasion! They are quick to put together, and you can refrigerate or freeze until you are ready to use them. Then just slice and bake! They can even be baked ahead if you so desire, because they taste incredible at room temperature!


Apple Cheddar Palmiers RECIPE HERE!


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