Holiday Shopping List

Black Friday is coming, but more to the point - Thanksgiving is coming. We tend to not shop on Black Friday but instead go out on Thanksgiving day because we don't usually have the little kids on Thanksgiving (and the big kids are often doing their own thing or visiting someone else.)

This year, the little kids will be with us so our Thanksgiving Day shopping may be a little cut short. This means... I need to know what we're looking for and the best places (cheapest + most convenient) to get those things.

Have you seen these on sale? Know where there's a good selection or a good price? Do you have anything you're looking for that we could help you find?

1) Easy Bake Oven
2) Tassimo T-discs (on sale!)
3) Christmas pajamas for kids and adult sizes
4) INEXPENSIVE DVDs that TW's mom would like (chick flicks without gratuitous sex, or f-bomb usage.)

5) An elliptical machine that won't break the bank
6) A saucer chair for an adult (not a kids' size)
7) An external CD drive

I think that's all I'm looking for... maybe.

How about you? Are you shopping on Thanksgiving? Black Friday? Cyber Monday?

~Denise BlogHer Community Manager Life. Flow. Fluctuate.


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