Holiday Stress

Hello Blogher :) ! This is my first official post! YAY!

Anyway, this Christmas stuff everywhere lately has me in a frantic rush to try and get everything done all at once. It's put me in quite the stressed out funk. My husband is also very stressed about some of the things that he's having to deal with as well, so when you put us together we create a huge stressball that just grows. This isn't the best thing for our relationship, as you can imagine, so I've been wracking my brain trying to think of a way to get rid of some of this stress. I dove in headfirst this morning and took care of some things that were at the top of the list of stressors for me and then I went on to try and tackle some of the things my husband has been fretting over. Surprisingly, once I started to get things done, it wasn't nearly as dreadful as I had anticipated. My husband was very relieved, as was I, by those few things being off the table.

One of my biggest stresses is the fact that my daughter's birthday party is on the 11th and I don't feel like anything is getting done! She won't even remember it, but it's important to me and her father so I've really been trying to make it special. I can't believe that she's already a year old. There are still days that I look at her in amazment that she's actually my daughter and that her father and I created such a wonderful thing. Her older sister is ecstatic about her baby sister's birthday party. She's already decided that she's going to turn it into a dance party with their cousins Jordan and Trey lol. Our breezy girl definately knows what she likes and if she wants something she doesn't stop until she's satisfied with the result.

Another of the stresses was the fact that we're in the process of moving out of our teeny tiny apartment. Did I meantion that we're moving from there into a room at my parents house, so we're going from small to completely cramped until we can find a good place to call home. Thank goodness for my parents though! They really have been great with helping move things to storage and trying to us sane.

Our silly van is another of those things that gives me alot of grief. I'm alway so afriad that it's going to break down when I have the kids all loaded up and it's pouring out. Luckily that hasn't happened *knock on wood*, but it's been threatening to give out on us for a little while now. Just another thing that needs replacing that we don't have the money for.

My son is such a great blessing, but I can't help but worry about how things will change when he joins us out here. Right now things are pretty much the same, besides my growing midsection, but things are going to be flipped on their head when he's here. We'll probably still be cramped at my parents house when he's born, so our 1yr old will have to move out with her sister in the other room when he does otherwise she'll be woken up by a newborn. I really would not like to mess up her schedule, because at least one person in the family has to stay happy and well-rested.

Can anyone tell that I've been fretting about alot of things? I got a few things out of the way though, and a little progress is better than no progress right? Am I the only one that's being drown in a sea of holiday season stress?

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