Holiday Traditions That Make One Quince!

Holiday Traditions That Make One Quince.

It’s December, and that means the holiday traditions are back.  Awkward parties galore in oversparkly clothing.  Time overcommitment and sleep deprivation.  Figuring out where that one burnt out bulb is in the string because you don’t feel that you should have to buy a newstringeveryyearandtheyusedtomakethesethingsbetterwhenyouwereakid.  Ah, memories.  Tis a shame that the holidays come but once a year.

Anyways, my holiday memories aside, I’ve been looking into traditional holiday fare from around the world and I was lucky enough to stumble across Dulce de Membrillo- quince paste!

Quince paste is eaten all over Latin countries, although it may not really be considered a holiday food as it stores very well.  However, quince season coincides with the holidays, which gives it much more of a holiday theme to yours truly.  Traditionally quince paste is eaten in thin slices paired with manchego cheese on toast, which is delicious, but isn’t very holiday-ish.  I wanted to go with something slightly different, something zestier and more interesting.  So I developed a spiced Dulce de Membrillo that said uncomfortable family moments and running out of scotch tape at two am on Christmas morning to me.

Feliz Navidad!

Spiced Dulce de Membrillo


-1 large quince

-1 lemon

-1″knob of fresh ginger

-1 cinnamon stick



How To:

1. Peel,core and largely dice the quince.  Set aside.

2. Juice the entire lemon,

3. Peel and slice the ginger into thick coins.  Add it to a heavy bottomed sauce pot along with the cinnamon stick, lemon juice and just enough water to partially cover the quince.

4. Put the pot on the stove, cover it and turn the heat on low.  Cook until the quince are soft.

5. When the quince are fork tender, cut the heat and transfer the fruit to a food processor.  Discard the ginger and cinnamon.  Puree until smooth.

6. When the quince is thoroughly pureed, weigh the finished amount on a food scale then transfer the puree back to a clean heavy bottomed saucepot.

7. Measure out three quarters of the weight of the quince puree in sugar.  Add it to the pot as well and stir.

8. Heat the quince puree and sugar over a very VERY low heat, stirring often.  It will thicken and turn red after seventeen forevers.

9. When the puree forms a sticky ball it is done.  Scrape the paste into an oiled pan and smooth out the top.

10. Let the Dulce de Membrillo cool and eat,or wrap it and store in the refrigerator.

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