Holiday Travel, Part 2

Although I intended to get this up before now, I didn't. Nonetheless, here's a quick catch-up recap of our trip to Florida for Christmas 2013.

Family that told us to be ready to leave at 4am, instead arrived at 2am. Despite this little hiccup, the drive down went well. Until, that is, we reached Florida's border. O-M-G! Now I understand what all the talk was about. Maybe I shouldn't have written for all the world to see that I've never experienced crazy holiday traffic. As soon as we crossed Florida's border we were at a COMPLETE STANDSTILL!! It was bad - terrible really. After about an hour, we reached (one of the first) an exit, in order to create another route. Baby slept well until the standstill. No one was happy. Baby started screaming like the banshee he can be at times, especially if the car's not moving! I broke my own hard rules about traveling with Baby - He was out of his carseat playing and he nursed when we aren't parked (a standstill counts though, right?)

Despite all this, we finally arrived around 5p. A full 13 hours after we left our place and about 4 hours later than expected. Everyone was suffering from their own version of carsickness. Nothing a little Hungry Howie's pizza and cheesy bread couldn't fix though.

The next day, our entire lot headed out to a flea market. It was my first experience in one. We had fun. This particular flea market even had a small circus show. Interestingly enough, I didn't get any pictures of the show. I think I was too busy nursing Baby at that point. Most of the time though, everyone passed Baby around, leaving Hun and I to wonder what to do with two free hands each! Eventually, a little stroller was found and purchased. Hun and I scored an older 35mm camera for $3. Turns out it doesn't work quite right, that's a bummer.

Unexpectedly, Hun and I found this great camera shop where we bought a (working) Canon Eos ElanII. We also bought a great 300mm zoom lens for super cheap! Off to create our very own photo shoot we went, ending up at a little park in Minneola. (Once we get a good film scanner, I'll post some pictures from this wonderful camera.)

<a href="" target="_blank" /><img src="" border="0" alt=" photo IMG_0074.jpg" />

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