Is Holidaying with the Kids a Pain or a Pleasure?

So the day has finally arrived, the day that I have  been dreading and dreaming of, well mostly dreading. Today is the day when I leave work behind me and take the kids away for the week. Well, 5 days actually but who's counting.
I am excited to be able to have a break from work as it has been a while since I have had a prolonged period of rest, but am I leaping from the fire in to the frying pan? I suppose we will see. I have 3 young daughters (1, 2 & 3), so any bright ideas I may have had about relaxing will unfortunately not come to pass. I say this with an element of sadness but more importantly a sense of reality. I live in hope that I am wrong.

Our journey will begin in a couple of hours when we will board the train to Bognor, our destination will be Butlins. I have never been before so I do not know what to expect. I really did not fancy boarding a plane to an exotic destination with a baby and two toddlers so I thought that this would be a good choice instead. There looks like there is plenty on offer for the whole family so maybe it will not be too painful after all.
Not this time, if only!
On a more satisfying note I have hoodwinked my mother in to coming. I achieved this by lies and deception. I figured that if I was going to suffer I would bring everyone down with me. I care not for white knuckles or kicking and screaming, all that I care about is sharing out the pain in equal and fair measures.
This is not my mum, I just like the picture and it is what I think that she will look like in a couple of hours.
The kids are now up and are very excited so I am going to have to call a premature end to this, just as I was starting to enjoy myself. I will post an update a little later and tell you about our journey, and for the curious amongst you I will let you know how many times they ask - are we there yet? I'm bored! I want a wee! I'm hungry! I'm thirsty! and I don't feel well!
So, Pain or Pleasure, what do you think?


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