Well, I am back. Sorry I have been a little busy over the holidays. Hope you all had a great one. We didn't have a white Christmas here in Wyoming at all, in fact it was in the 40's. It was a great Christmas though because it was my two grand babies first Christmas. Although they are only 8 months old, they still had fun with the wrapping paper!  My daughter wanted Christmas dinner at her house since it was their first Christmas dinner together as a family, but she wanted me to cook it. How funny is that!!. So we had kind of a different dinner than the usual. I made a ham, baked beans, macaroni salad, rolls, and twice baked potatoes. I am thinking I will post the baked beans recipe I made later today or in the morning, they were so delicious and easy. Check back later.

I decided I wanted to start doing a random thought for the day so here is the first one...enjoy...and think away!!

"Decisions are the hinges upon which the door of the future swings" Author: Unknown


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