The Hollowmen


Hollowmen (The Hollows #2) by Amanda Hocking
high school & up

Remy has rescued her brother from the endless medical testing & research. Unfortunately, the only way to do this was to take his place. Remy is suffering endless, progressively debilitating operation; most of them performed while she is still conscious. When the quarantine zone is overrun by zombies she barely makes it out safely. Together with a new, much smaller, group of survivors she reunites with her brother Max and searchers for a place that might be safe from zombies.

I've been looking forward to this book. I thoroughly enjoyed the first book Hollowland (The Hollows, #1). I love female heroes that kick butt. Which Remy does. She also stabs, kicks, beheads, and stomps to death those pesky zombies. While I still enjoyed this book it didn't really have a clear purpose. Remy's mission in the first book was to locate and protect her brother. Check. In this one, her mission is to go north. I can't quite decide whether this book felt like the middle of a trilogy or the last in a two-parter. There wasn't any real resolution so I'm hoping for the trilogy.
On a side note, I know that Hocking has some sort of deal with a traditional publisher. I would have thought there would have been fewer grammatical mistakes in this book. One mistake I noticed was in the first book also: somebody was "clamoring" up a wall. There were a few other missing words, etc., just minor things really, but I wasn't expecting to see those mistakes this time.

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