I told on everyone.  My step-father, my uncle, and a few others I won’t go into.  I became an anomaly, a high profile case that later was shoved into a circular file. I went into foster care and my step dad (who was the only one indicted) went to the workhouse for six months on a lesser charge. I didn’t care, I felt saved.  I felt like I saved myself, well – with a little help from Hollywood.

Hollywood has, to be honest, been saving me ever since.

So, I guess it really wasn’t clear to me, in this day and age, why grown adults would think they could still wield this kind of power over someone that has already overcame so much.  It didn’t register with each relationship I’d had, except that I fell for the Oscar worthy acting, and really in-depth character studies. And the sets!  The restaurants, homes, jobs, education -  these things were my award – in my head – for overcoming so much.  And I made sure to be grateful, I was very, very grateful.

Until I wasn’t.

I must not have been grateful enough to someone, because in the space of a year – 2010 – I lost everything. My husband, my house, my job, my career, and … my real father, Jack.

Either I pissed someone off, or someone wanted me out of the picture.  I still didn’t understand – I was working and going to school. Trying to finish – trying to juggle this life, and my marriage, and my children.

There were times that I couldn’t help but stand back in awe, and let it happen. The masterful way I was being manipulated, both online and offline. And not just me, my relatives, my friends, lovers, coworkers, they were all  dangling from the Puppetmaster's strings - fighting and hating each other and being suspicious of everything and everyone…  It was truly, a masterpiece.

The extent to which some people will go to ruin someone’s life is mind-boggling. I mean, they must have spent a TON of money on this whole production.  But to what end?

My problems, the most recent ones anyway, all started with a tiny, little idea… a seed, if you will.  An idea that someone puts into your head, and gets you thinking – gets you interested. Sets the stage.

For me, it was an email from a friend I had met in Second Life.  

It was an email that described a movement to create a more loving, global world.  

It sounded dreamy.

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