Hollywood Fashion Tape: For those rare moments that celebrities actually want to keep their clothes on

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Every woman has her fashion secret. For me, it's Hollywood Fashion Tape, genius little strips of hypoallergenic double-stick tape that I rarely leave home without.

How do you think J Lo kept from pulling a Tara Reid in that green Oscars dress a few years back, anyway? Camera tricks?

Even miles from a red carpet, Hollywood Fashion Tape has rescued me from fashion nightmares more ways than I can recall: It's hemmed an errant pant lag in a pinch, kept wrap skirts wrapped, and sealed plunging necklines that desperately needed less plunge. (Sorry boys, no show today.) It's fantastic for keeping bra straps from peeking out under tanks or scoop necks. And during my early months of pregnancy the tape turned out to be an economical wardrobe extender, closing the Grand Canyon-esque gap between my buttons that appeared as my cups, er, ranneth over.

Don't think for a moment that you can get the same effect with a strip of Scotch tape rolled in two. This stuff is thin and strong. But fear not, when you peel it off, it doesn't take your skin with it.

On smaller jobs I like to cut the strips in half and make the box last longer, but it's not all that expensive to begin with. A pack of 36 is just $6.95 through the company's website, in local boutiques, or at national retailers like Macy's and Jo-Ann fabric and craft stores.

Or heck, skip it. I hear the paparazzi is paying good money for nip slip photos these days. -Liz Gumbinner is the co-editor of the shopping blog Cool Mom Picks.

[photo via Hollywood Fashion Tape]


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