Hollywood Lingo: A Tool Of The Tinseltown Trade

Whose desk have you sat on?” was one of the first questions I was asked at a job interview. I was interviewing to be a Hollywood assistant, and I had no idea that this question was the industry’s way of asking who I had previously worked for.  It was not a question about  whether or not I had occupied a piece of furniture lately. That was my first lesson in “Hollywood lingo.” I had moved to a town where one of the best skills to have on your resume is the ability to “roll calls.”  Certainly, this sounds like some sort of top-secret skill that one must study in order to master it. In reality,”rolling a call” is very simple.  Let’s say that your boss’ name is Mr. Smith, here’s what rolling a call would sound like:  “Hi,” you say, “I have Mr. Smith for ‘So and So’.”   When “So and So” gets on the line you say: “Hi ‘So and So,’ you’re on with Mr. Smith.”  To sum it up, “rolling calls” means to dial a phone number and get someone on the other end of it. Even the most normal tasks are sprinkled with grandiose terminology in Tinseltown.



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