Holy Crap! It's Potty Time!

I've been potty training little man for a while, roughly about 2 months now. We started when he was 17 months because he was showing signs. When he pooped in his pamper he was kind enough to go grab a pamper and give it to mommy. I smiled and said "Hell Yes!" We are on a new stage and it will be fun.

So I did what any parent would do, run and go buy a potty! Yay!! (notice my enthusiasm now, I literally thought it was going to be peaches and creams or fun like I stated before). I went and brought little man an Elmo potty considering Elmo and AJ are super close buddies! And who better than Elmo to encourage him to use the potty. Totally off topic but it is a cute little potty and it flushes, when he flushes Elmo says "HOORAY!" and you can hear the toilet flushing. (I used to like hearing that flush). I set up the potty which was 1,2,3 very easy and introduced the potty to AJ.

Yaay! Little man has his potty! Let's do this! .............. So how do we do this? I forgot there was a process to this potty training thing. The easy part was buying the damn thing. Now to train AJ to sit down and use it! Before he would sit down he ALWAYS flushed the toilet. At first he had no issues sitting on the potty actually he still doesn't.

The problem is there are times when he is totally into using his potty and they are days when he has no interest at all. I'm still trying to figure it out. When he wakes up in the morning we go straight to the potty and he sits and sometimes he pees and sometime he just sit there looking at me as to say "you just missed it mommy, I already went in the diaper". But I won't give up! No, no, we will continue on. When he is not at daycare I usually bring him every time after a meal. And I usually know when he's going to poop because he literally just stands there and make's this face (funniest face ever, I should input photo but I will save him the embarrassment) once I see that face, I run like all hell with him in tow to the potty! "Don't do it yet, don't do it yet" is all I can say while I run with him. He usually laughs and then I put him on the potty and if he feels like it he will go and sometime he just sits there.

Then we have a staring match, looking at each other because I know he has to go, he doesn't make that face for anything else. Yet, he just looks at me and does nothing. I keep him on the potty for a couple of minutes waiting and he won't do it. So I wait some more and he still doesn't do it. THEN! I put his pamper back on and THEN he decides to go! What the hell!? ...... I was trying to avoid this! I wanted this to be a clean poop (easy clean up) no changing the bio-hazard just the easy flush, flush it away.

When he does do his business on the potty he always tries to play with it. SMH. I can't even get mad, I just simply shake my head. I was told it is to be expected. I have just trained myself to move fast before Mr. Slick can touch it.

I sometime let him wonder around with no pamper (with the potty in the vicinity) hoping when he feels the urge he will go (which sometime works) and also to get more acquainted with it. He knows what it is for and sometimes he likes to do this .....

For some odd reason he likes to take out the catcher and put his head up there. What a weirdo! He really believes his head can fit up there. (Which it can) Then he tries to walk around with the potty on his head..hehehe potty head. (Yes, this is what I deal with) I figured this would be a safer picture than his pooping face. (He still won't be a happy camper when he sees this later in life) Ah! The things mom's do!

I guess it's safe to say that AJ is having a "great" time potty training, while I sit here trying to figure out some other way to deal with this so called "adventure". I'll come back to this mess, in the meantime I'll let him be for a while.

Sigh, and I thought this was going to be fun! Ha!

AJ - 1, Mom - 0.


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