Holy Macaroni!

So tonight my husband left for an overseas trip which is to last a week.  And I made a sweet macaroni milk pudding in the oven which served 4.  It took an hour to cook and I knew it wouldn’t be ready before the girls went to bed.  I told them that if it worked out ok they could have some tomorrow but if it didn’t work out so well I’d have to throw it in the bin.

I knew even as I told them this that there was no chance of them having any, nor would I throw it in the bin.

Yes.  I sat and ate the whole thing in four portions, going backwards and forwards to the kitchen with my bowl and spoon for more.

I know why I did this.  I know for a fact I wouldn’t make this pudding if my husband was here, nor would I eat the whole thing to myself in front of him.  I think I made it knowing that I’d eat the whole thing and I’d ‘get away with it’.  Like I was a naughty girl doing something because I knew I’d never get found out!  I will tell the girls that the pudding went wrong and I had to throw it away. 

So how did I feel?  Well, I felt sick and full to bursting once I’d eaten the whole thing which consisted of 100g macaroni which I then cooked, 1 pint of milk, 2 eggs and 2 tbsp brown sugar.

I didn’t even enjoy it – it was a bit like a sweet pasta omlette which is, quite frankly, never on the top of my ‘must eat’ list!  So why did I eat the whole thing?  Possibly because I’d made it, and it took an hour to cook so I felt there was some kind of investment needed?

And how do I feel now?  I feel cross with myself, not angry as I probably would have felt in the past.  I also think I feel a bit sorry for myself that I felt I needed to do that, or that I felt it was something I should need to be crafty about or lie.

Well, there we go.  I ate sweet macaroni and I didn’t enjoy it.  Would I do it again?  I don’t know, there are probably many nicer things out there to eat and in plain sight without hiding!

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