Holy Spumoni!

I’ve realized that even though my intentions were to blog every night… if I’m not feeling inspired, I don’t really feel like I’ve got anything worth saying or sharing at the moment… and it’s taken me a good week to get back in the writers saddle.

As I reflect on the past week, it feels like I was all over the board… I had moments of frustration over money, or lack thereof, and then I was reminded again that with every breath, I can choose my feelings, or experience… do I want to let money control how I’m feeling? Why would I choose anger, frustration, or hopelessness? I’m giving my power over to the situation and playing the victim… that’s not what I want to do anymore! I still have a roof over my head, food in the refrigerator and my kids are healthy and happy! So I have to consciously remember when I’m feeling those first moments of panic, that this too shall pass….. things will start flowing in again… and through it all, I’ve chosen to trust in myself, enjoy my day, my life and my children… that’s how I want to live!

On Friday, I thought I’d just check out the community college class schedule, to see if there were still any classes available online, that would contribute towards my AA degree (which is something I’ve decided to pursue, since I’ve only got 15 more units to complete!) Sure enough, there was an online Italian language class, and there were 2 spots left… turns out, Friday was the last day to register and you needed to do it in person! It was pouring rain when I headed out, and I almost changed my mind at the last minute, thinking it would be too expensive, and since this was such a last minute decision, I hadn’t applied for student financial aid… I started out, and almost turned back around, convincing myself that it wasn’t going to work…. But I kept on going….was able to register AND because I had qualified for financial aid the prior semester, was still in the system and they only charged me $13 for the class! It all fell together so easily and it reminds me again how things can just fall into place, if I get out of my own way and quit leading with my head… I want to learn to always lead with my heart and follow my instincts… they’ve never led me astray!

I’m excited about learning Italian… I think Italy will be big in my future somehow… I’ve decided to tell the sisters today during our weekly phone call, that I think we should all plan a trip there together…..

Katey married a man from a large Italian family from the east coast… she has lived there since marrying him 20 years ago, and had to adapt to the different lifestyle and culture… but she has embraced it with all her heart and has become quite the cook! Turns out her husband has dozens of relatives in Italy that they had never met, until a few years ago, when they took the family over for a vacation…. The relatives live in a small village in southern Italy, and most don’t speak English! So it was quite an experience for them at the time… I’m thinking we can all go visit and take old-world cooking lessons from the relatives! Maybe we’ll be inspired to write a book or we’ll find something we want to start importing and we’ll create that business that we’ve all decided we want to create together!

Guess what!! Just got off the sisters call and it turns out there are some relatives that they haven’t met yet, on the Amalfi Coast!! So we’ve decided to set our intentions to make this happen in May of 2011, which will be Kristins birthday celebration as well… we are a freakin force of nature and there is nothing that can stop us when we put our heart and soul into a project or idea!… now I’m excited… and I’ve got more motivation to stay diligent with my studies of the language.. who knows, maybe I’ll meet a single, rich and handsome Italian man and fall in love!! Stranger things have happened!!



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