Kitchen Remodel Part I

Kitchen Remodel Part I This was the kitchen in our very first house when we moved in: ...more

vita means life vita means business

Loving Vita clients [Vita's Clients] -  vitalingus - @ 08:25:am   ...more

Weight training and men cruising the gym for women?

I was beyond irritated this evening when I went to the gym.  I did the cardio part of my routine and then moved on to the weight training part and wouldnt you know there were about 5 guys sitting on the equipment just watching women walk by and try to pick them up.  I was fuming so I asked them if they were doing anything on the equipment and they said no so I told them to move because I was going to use them.  They were mad but so what because this is a gym  and not a bar to pick up women in and if they hadn't moved I would have went to the manager.  But these guys need to focus on worki ...more

Organizing a Bedroom Closet

Last year I cleaned out my bedroom closet. It was a disaster. I’ve mostly been able to keep up the organization. I do need to reorganize a few baskets and containers that are waiting to be organized but here are my before and after photos. The new pieces that I installed are working well even a year later. I’d like to purchase one more set of shoe cubbies/drawers because the current ones are working so well! Part of my little upkeep mission is to purge some clothing that is ready to go! ...more

Thanks everyone! It's hard working with a closet that size! Great ideas about the out of ...more

Making a Statement - Happy Prints for Unhappy Times

I've never been one to wear words. I've never liked the feeling of paying to have someone's brand emblazoned across my chest or hanging from my arm. And I never really got into the whole graphic T, "Kiss me, I'm cute" type of look. (Let's not even get into having "juicy" printed across my derriere.) And statement-making tattoos? Not really me either. I guess I always sort of felt that, as a general rule, statement-making shouldn't be accessorized. ...more

I, too do not wear messages on my chest. But I do have a few plaques that sum up how I feel. ...more

on making a home

My mother has always had a well-appointed home.  At any given time in my life, from the time I was still living with my parents up to and including today, my parents' house has always been decorated beyond reproach: the couch always matched the loveseat, the art on the walls always complemented the colours of the furniture, and each room always had a theme:  mid-century Scandinavian.  Antique Oriental.  And twenty years ago, when I moved out on my own and started building my own home, I tried very hard to emulate her style. And then my daughter was born. ...more

I wish it were easier to fill our home with "soul." My boyfriend and I are fairly young, and ...more

Three plants that can help you achieve cleaner indoor air

I knew that using plants indoor it is possible to improve the quality of our life, but I now learn how exactly and which three common houseplants, used in specific spots in a home or office building, can result in measurably cleaner indoor air. One of these, named 'Mother-in-law-tongue' is something I have at home and it is very easy to grow - even in a vase with water! It is used in bedrooms. The other two I am planning to find. ...more

Why do women tear eachother down?

Why do we tend to tear one another down instead of helping, encouraging and loving eachother? (While not EVERY woman displays this type of behavior) Still come on we are all guilty of it in some form or another! Participating in the office gossip about you know who...Telling a secret to a mutual friend that your girlfriend shared with you...Coveting a size 4 body and beautiful husband...Giving a woman a dirty look at a club or the mall. And it's not just grown women but young women are becoming more and more ruthless against eachother. ...more
@RebeccaKeenan   i consider myself quite lucky - i've never had to deal with these shallow petty ...more

Buy One Get One Free ~~ Original Watercolor Paintings ~~

Buy One Get One Free Sale ~~ original Watercolor Paintings by Laura L . Trevey purchase at ...more