Black Velvet Art for the Sexy Home

Ah, black velvet art. I remember when I saw my first velvet painting in real life at my dusty local Goodwill about fifteen years ago. I was enchanted. The room seemed to grow dim. A disco ball came from out of nowhere and I could hear the sound of castanets. I had to have this bullfighter with glitter accents. A disgruntled woman whose nametag reading Delores said, "Quit leaning on the jewelry counter glass, honey." But I would not be deterred! And ten dollars! What a deal! ...more

How interesting that history is.  Remember those nails on velvet pictures where you wrap ...more

Decorating Your First Place (Hint: IKEA)

Things started off innocently enough. The occasional trip through the store; a behomoth of a warehouse, gripping tightly to my mother's arm as she flipped oversized tags to reveal a price of $8.99 for four pillows. I don't recall the first purchases but I do recall the swedish meatballs and how after each walk through my brother and I would be rewarded with a cinnamon roll. ...more

DIY Round-Up: Decorating the Renovation Zone

I love decorating for Christmas. I love hanging wreaths, putting up the tree, stringing the garland up my staircase, and taking out the decorations and trying to find places for them among the rubble that is a house under renovation. The Country Doctor's Wife, Rechelle, writes about Christmas decorating "Au Naturale" fresh evergreens, bright red and green fruits, swirly gold sticks, fresh wreaths, gorgeous natural arrangements and a great selection of urns.... ...more

I loved this, the renovation tree felt like an old friend!

Can you remedy the link to your ...more