Celebrity closet "how-to"


I just wrote a couple articles on this very topic. Check it out for pics of celebrity closets ...more

Redecorate & Reclaim The Master Bedroom ASAP After Divorce

Redecorate and Reclaim The Master Bedroom ASAP After Divorce ...more

Dealing with Darkness in Sweden

During the wintertime, the northern latitude countries experience snow, cold, more cold, and darkness. It is the darkness that affects most people. Seasonal weather changes can have such a large impact on people that there is an official term: seasonal affected disorder, SAD....more

Don't trust matching glassware. It'll break your heart.

I don’t trust matching plates either.Or bowls and platters. I look askance at expensive stemware. And vintage crystal (Waterford candlesticks) and depression glass collections, my grandmother’s serving dishes, etc. The list is long. Every January I think about these things. I shy away from emotional attachments to breakables since 4:31 A.M. January 17th, 1994,when my condo on Valleyheart Drive in Studio City, California, shook apart in the Northridge quake. ...more

Interior Design Books That Inspire!

I love love love interior design and home decor books and I'd love to share some recent ones that I acquired and that have inspired me.  Hope you enjoy them as much as I do. ...more

What I hope

I hope I COULD return to my mother’s womb and know what she was thinking and doing, whether she would quarrel with my father, how carefully she take care of her. links of london ...more

Read the instructions first? Really?

Now comes the time for getting acquainted with our new products.  Assembly instructions.  Operating manuals.  Warranties.  Oh my. It’s not just the digital camera, the cell phone, the hand steamer, the bagless vacuum with three different filters, it’s also the computer which had to be replaced in an ill-timed holiday rush....more

Christmas Memories

by Dr. Patricia Yarberry AllenI loved making Christmas special when I was a young wife and mother. The trees could never be tall enough, the lifetime collection of ornaments, each with a story, could never be enough to decorate each year’s tree in order to fill my sons’ memory banks with joy. There was the Christmas when we lived in a townhouse on Madison Avenue. The parlor had heavy double wooden doors … just like in the Nutcracker....more

Today and Yesterday

http://todayandyesterdaydesign.blogspot.com/  Thank you, Erin...more