Serve it Forth {Have Silver, Will Travel}

Have Silver, Will Travel ...more

Deck Them Halls

Getting my holiday on I have been feeling decidedly ennui-tastic about getting the tree decorated. I want to do it but to do it I have to bring approximately sixty tons of stuff down from the attic and that means the out door lights need to be put up and all the Santa's brought down and it just seems like so much work... I just don't have the energy ...more

Transformed Costco Wreath

Check out how I turned a $15.00 wreath from Costco into

Over The Meadow And Through The Woods

In this story I am the grandmother and it’s my house that’s in the woods.  But that wasn’t where I headed for Thanksgiving.  I drove away from my northern California redwood forest, as I often do, to spend Thanksgiving in the city with my daughter and granddaughter.   ...more

Christmas - Nine Dollar Couch Remodel

When Mr. Scrimp and I got married, we got a living room furniture set that had belonged to Mr. Scrimp's grandparents. It's really great furniture--sturdy, well-made, and well taken care of. And, though it's definitely retro, it really fits with our style. But when it comes to Christmas, it just isn't going to work. ...more

Innovative Ways to Gift Wrap Jewellery

  Who doesn't love receiving jewellery as a gift? However, if you are the giver and not receiver, I have some suggestions for gift wrapping jewellery that are fun and quite unique, and will certainly put smiles on every one's face. ...more

Thoughts on Decorating a New Place

I'm still trying to decide, in my quest to find a new place to live, whether I should live by myself or try to save money by moving in with another roommate. One of the big reasons living by myself is high on my list -- in addition to the obvious reasons, like not having to consider when that person would or wouldn't be around, who they might bring over, and how well we'd get along -- is that I'm really looking forward to having a place that I could decorate any way I please. ...more

I've done the roommate thing and I have to say, it's not all fun and games especially when it ...more

I live in Rabat, Morocco, since 18 months, married, mom of three girls, expatriate. We have also lived in China, France and Switzerland. I was born in the Netherlands....more

Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas under $10

The Holiday season is already upon us, and soon it'll be time for Thanksgiving, and then Christmas! If you haven't started planning for this festive season, I beg you to buckle up and put on your thinking cap, as there's lots to finalize! From holiday decor to family dinners, there's plenty to keep you busy. To take away some of your pain, I give you a list of 5 easy Thanksgiving Centerpiece ideas - all of them are really simple to make, and all of them are under $10!! So it makes you and your family happy, and keeps your wallet happy too! ...more

Climate Change; Instill some fear with science

Sir David Attenborough asks the obvious question, which part of climate change is due to natural causes, which part to human activity.  Here's the chart. ...more