Curtains? Miles of windows to cover before I sleep. Help!

I just moved into an old cottage with oddly-shaped rooms and miles of windows of various sizes. Love the windows, but my $$$ total for curtains and rods purchased so far - for only two of these rooms - is scary. Winter's here and soon family will visit and I've got bare windows.  I don't sew. Any ideas for cheap solutions?  I've just posted this in the "wanted" section of Craigslist in my area.  ...more

Thanksgiving Upcycle Crafts

Yes, today we are going beyond the turkey to focus on the decorations. Centerpieces, napkin holders, table runners…you know homey little touches that can bring an Autumn feel to the house....more

Five easy ways to keep Thanksgiving frugal

Thanksgiving will be here before we know it, and dare I say that only in America could a day meant to celebrate bounty and thankfulness much more commonly devolve into stress and overspending. True, it may be the norm, but it doesn't have to be -- why not try a few simple modifications this year to stay on budget? You'll be glad you did, and chances are you'll enjoy the holiday a lot more, too. ...more

I use the roasting method to make veggie broth for my daughter, too, and it's SO much better ...more

The South Dakota Cowgirl: Life on the Ranch

Join me in my journey as I venture through life as a girlfriend, step-mom, professional horseman, barrel racer, cowgirl, sister, and aunt.  There's photography, cows, horses, goats, chickens, cats and dogs.  I share my cooking and always creative recipes; keeping the pantry stocked when you live 65 miles from town and what you do for fun and love and money out here. ...more

Easy come, easy go

The Cute and the Damned  I did get myself some real parsley. I could tell it was parsley because  they sold it in bouquets and it was cheap,  and you can tell you are buying fancy herbs because they cost more and are only available as boutonnieres. The More You Know... ...more

Greetings from TheSmithHotel

Greetings from TheSmithHotel, Yes, my name really is Mrs. Smith.     And that is about as clever as I can get right now(writer's block or blog block maybe).  I have been reading blogs for a few months now and have gained so much inspiration from so many women.  So I guess I thought I  could add my 2 cents in too. ...more

Forget the Flu and The Crappy Economy: Vintage Art Will Lift Your Spirits

There is lots to be stressed about these days. From the flu to unemployment and everything else - in fact, the list of worries is too long to mention. Couldn't we all use some relief?...more

It swivels. It comforts. It rocks!

I just bought a recliner.  For myself.  Oh yes I did.  Me - the woman who once threatened a man with dire consequences if he so much as browsed in the recliner department. I believed then (and maybe it’s true) that the combination of a recliner and a TV remote spelled the death of a relationship. Only now I don’t care because I have a big crush on this chair....more

Holidays Are 'a Coming

I think Sears and Kmart love me! I was recently invited to their Home For The Holiday Event and it was amazing (For you tweeters out there, tweet @designsummit2 and use #designsummit2)....more