Craft Room Design

It's a lazy Saturday afternoon; while I sit satisfying my college football habit,I'm re-evaluating what type of crafting I'm really going to be doing in the next year. With that re-evaluation will probably come a change in my crafting room design. It's been well over a year since I actively spent time in there; it's square footage that is not serving it's purpose. So I'm taking some time and figuring out what I want to have happen there. ...more

Debra, thank you for the links.  I appreciate the support and am glad to know that the ...more

DIY Bean Bag Chair

Kids and adults love to sink into cozy bean bag chairs. My favorites are the ones with interesting fabrics. Now you can create your own comfy place to read a book with the bean bag chair tutorial by Joanna Armour. Check out the tutorial here....more

A wedding present.

As I set to work on a double portrait of Andrea and Paula for their wedding, I originally thought that I would combine two images from our interview and photo-session. This one of Andrea... ...and this one of Paula. ...more

Integrity in Design

As an Interior Design professional, the economic downturn has been a cause for concern - because let's face it, a new sofa and granite countertops are definitely not an essential purchase. ...more


My husband left this morning for work leaving 3 open ladders in our kitchen we are remodeling. Why on earth we need 3 ladders is beyond me. I took 2 of them out to the porch and kept the shiniest, newest looking one to use. I assumed that since it didn't look like it was built out of wood in the Mesozoic Era or bent aluminum that it would be the safest. I was wrong. I climbed up the rungs and the top suddenly bent over at the hinges smashing my fingers in the sides. I couldn't get down, because my fingers were stuck way up at the top. ...more

Hanging art

This past weekend, instead of resting as is tradition on Labor Day here in the United States, I set to work on redecorating my studio.  (I also set to work on making my husband help me, on this his Labor Day holiday as well.  I am abusive, I know).  In coming up with my new decorating scheme, there were particular aspects on which I was very certain.  I was quick to decide, for example, that the colour of my walls would be "Beach Water."  I knew that the grey carpet I bought at IKEA for $29.99 would be perfect.  I even knew that I wanted to arrange the books in my bookshelves according to the colour of their spines. What I was conflicted about, however, was how to hang my art. ...more

My manly husband is remodeling my kitchen

My sweet, non-dishwashing husband has been remodeling our kitchen for the past month. A very low budget, but drastic change in our little house. It always amazes me that men like him seem to just be able to do things. He can rewire the electric in our house, he can rebuild a motor...where the hell did he learn how to do that? ...more

Dream Pillow #13- A Wedding Dream


Turning Trash Into Treasure?

Eyes of faith can only see so much.  The old chest of drawers had potential, for sure.  However, upon opening the drawers and seeing mouse droppings, eyes of faith can being to dim.  My husband and I gamely decided to tackle the thing and see what we could make of it.  You know, I think what got us was the pretty curved wood at the bottom of the chest.  My husband pointed it out excitedly.  Thus, the work began.  We hauled the thing down the hall of his aunt's house, wrestled it through the door, and down two steps.  There it sat.  A brown, dusty chest of drawers with absolutel ...more