I Love Ikea

The Ikea catalog came in the mail today and there’s not another catalog which elicits such a thrill. ...more

Nice (Furniture) Package

When you’re buying homes to live in full time, you typically furnish those homes over time. You may have your grandmother’s buffet, the end tables you bought in California, the new dining room table. And as you move you buy or sell pieces to fit your needs and tastes. When you buy a vacation or investment home in a different area, odds are SO VERY GOOD that you aren’t going to bother with shipping things out to furnish it....more

DIY End Table Turned Into A Kids Table

I stumbled upon this end table sitting by a dumpster! And here is how you can make your own kids table from an end table.What you need to make your own table from an end table:sanding paperenamel spray paintdamage-free clear hanging hooks3 buckets ($1 at Target, we repainted)Steps:...more

Mini Mod Furniture

Now that my little one is not so much of a baby anymore (sob!) I'm realizing that she is in need of furniture that is scaled to her size. I've been on the hunt for furniture for her room and playroom. If she had her way, we would have all Disney princess themed furnishings. Don't get me wrong, I love myself some Disney princesses (Ariel, I'm lookin' at you girl), but I do not want Anna and Elsa plastered all over my house. Luckily these days there is some seriously chic children's furniture out there. The kiddos furniture can be just as stylish as the rest of your house....more

Tuesday Malaise

Everyone managed to get through last weekend with out me.My furniture was delivered and lawn was worked on and, sad to say, I wasn’t there to see it. I intend to make up for it this weekend because Jim and I both have friday off.It is quite a dreary Tuesday and we are glad, as the new lawn certainly needs the rain. It would be nice to see some ground cover when we make it down.I have two new ferns, along with the hydrangea that I get to plant this weekend. I am itching to start my brand new garden.The kitchen is calling me and I am ready to do some “relaxed” cooking....more


Jim and the girls get to go to Undisclosed today. Without me…**sigh** Furniture, allegedly, is getting delivered today, along with dirt for the makings of our front lawn. I have a social obligation which requires me to stay in the city this weekend.It is hard to be a “bachelorette” when you are used to being part of a couple.There would have been a time that I thought I’d be all excited to be alone for the weekend. Pretty bad when sleeping and cable look good. ...more

You're Doing It Wrong: Financing furniture in your 20s

Anyone whose ever walked into Crate and Barrel with any semblance of a budget is familiar with furniture sticker shock. Crap is expensive. You want $899 for a chipboard nightstand? A nightstand in a cute-as-hell shade of blue with just the right amount of distressing, but still, money doesn't grow on trees, especially when you're in your 20s.Back to Goodwill you go, if you know what's good for you. You can whip a belt at a dresser to get that worn-in look you crave, and a little paint does wonders....more

Long and Winding Road

Of late, I have been telling anyone who asks me about the Undisclosed Location II and its’ construction that if they ever are thinking of building a new home, talk to me and I will talk them out of it.Of course, I won’t, but the road has been a long one....more