You've been BOOed & BOOZ-ed!

There is a tradition in our neighborhood of "BOOing!" people around Halloween. This has become a really fun tradition for our children each year. They can hardly wait to see the first white ghosts appear in people's windows for this means the "BOOing" is back. Well recently, I came across a Pinterest post that I just loved; a take on "BOOing," but for adults, "You've been BOO-zed!"We decided to start this tradition along with the traditional version. Why should the kids have all the fun?!First shopping for the "BOO" items.  We decided to do JoAnn Fabrics....more

Letter Wall

I was looking for a fun way to decorate my half bathroom on my main floor when I visited my friend Sarah's house.  She had used her last name initial and canvassed her walls with it.  So cute!  After stealing the idea with permission, I did the same with my own bathroom.  Here is the result of my letter Dd bathroom:...more

My Life from Home

This is where I plan to show you a little bit about my life from home; kids, crafts, fashion, decorating ideas, organizing and sometimes a little cooking and schooling also.  I love all things that make my life feel like home.

A Homeowner's Real Estate Fear

Disclaimer: Not my actual houseThere comes a time in the process of selling a house when every hom...more

It's All About the Details: Vaulted Ceilings

Ceilings designs are a great way to add extra detail and oomph to your space.  Vaulted ceilings are the perfect way to add visual height and by adding visual height this makes a room appear larger.  We have become familiar with vaulted ceilings through centuries of past architecture--most common are from European cathedrals, churches, and castles. ...more

Home Office Tour: Before & After

We just finished the final details of the office. Yay! I am so excited with the outcome. You’ve probably seen by now the gorgeous coral desk the hubby painted for me. Love it!The office began like this:...more

Saving an Awkward Flower

A question about dining room table leaves

So my newly inherited dining room table is 6′ long with one leaf in it, if I open it up with all of the leaves it is about 13′ long. I don’t even have enough chairs to fit around a table that size! Do you usually keep the leaves in your dining room table?See what others have to say here.Kimberly writes at Outside My Head and That's My Answer....more

Nope, take the leaves out!

BlogHer Community Manager

The World's Most Adborable Buttons...Yes, Buttons!

I came across these buttons on Etsy and they are just so amazingly cute, I had to bring them to the attention of my crafty women on BlogHer. I love the colors and the uniqueness and especially the price. $6 for a set!...more

Marriage Insurance

My dh and I sometimes lament over our house purchase fifteen years ago. It's not that we don't enjoy where we live. We do. I shared with him that friends that visit always remark how much they like our house. But of course, they are only commenting on the surface view. We are aware of all the underlying problems. But, I told dh, I see this house as marriage insurance....more