I added a picture of a dresser....more

The Blissful Sound of Running Water...

 It is 5 am (6 by the time I finish writing this) Saturday morning.  Ahhh, getting to sleep in on a Saturday morning.  All week long during this snowpocalypse The Hubby has kept up the...more

The Trouble With Eye Cream

Our house is old.We bought it before marriage, before children, before we had any idea what we would be doing with the next eight years of our lives.  We painted the pink, yellow and green walls cream and tan.  We covered our crumbling stucco exterior with insulation and siding.  We replaced the windows, re-reoofed, re-landscaped, built decks, upgraded the basement, built a fence and a garden box, and repaired six hundred thousand other little things....more

Touchless Faucet Helps Ease This Germaphobes Fears

I am very... aware of germs. One would think that I could actually see them.If I'm in the kitchen handling chicken, I can just feel the salmonella, the e coli or whatever fatal germs liveon raw meat. Then to go to the sink and touch the faucet? After I wash my hands I have to wash the faucet- just for good measure. I wouldn't want anyone getting sick....more

Using Baking Soda to Clear a Slow Drain

I recently discovered another fantastic use for two old friends...The drain in the kid’s bathroom has been slow the last few weeks. I wanted to find a solution to unclog the drain that didn’t include calling a plumber- too expensive. And didn’t include Drano- too toxic....more

Christmas Calenders 3 more designs

http://thegoodwifelife.blogspot.com/2009/12/byu-u-of-u-nativity.htmlCheck out the nativity hand painted so pretty....more

To Flush or Not to Flush, That is the Question


What appliances can you not live without?

We have been hanging all of our laundry out to dry ever since June, when we had the unfortunate wet- sneakers- in- the- dryer incident. ...more

I agree with Sassymonkey. Living without a fridge would be such a major ordeal. Right now our ...more


My husband left this morning for work leaving 3 open ladders in our kitchen we are remodeling. Why on earth we need 3 ladders is beyond me. I took 2 of them out to the porch and kept the shiniest, newest looking one to use. I assumed that since it didn't look like it was built out of wood in the Mesozoic Era or bent aluminum that it would be the safest. I was wrong. I climbed up the rungs and the top suddenly bent over at the hinges smashing my fingers in the sides. I couldn't get down, because my fingers were stuck way up at the top. ...more

My manly husband is remodeling my kitchen

My sweet, non-dishwashing husband has been remodeling our kitchen for the past month. A very low budget, but drastic change in our little house. It always amazes me that men like him seem to just be able to do things. He can rewire the electric in our house, he can rebuild a motor...where the hell did he learn how to do that? ...more