Planting My Trio Of Hanging Succulents


7 Things you need to know about artificial grass.

We know that artificial grass has been gaining reputation and a good recognition from people. According to ARTTRA Grass Company, Artificial grass is an innovation in the world of landscaping - Designed and developed with state of the art technology....more

Back Yard Hydroponics To Cut Down Food Expense

A hydroponic garden can be a great way to cut down on food expenses. It may not be as expensive as you think to get a backyard hydroponic garden going, and the garden can produce healthy and robust organic produce year-round. Hydroponic gardens are one of the best ways to save money on food and have an amazing experience at the same time.Cost and Productivity of a Hydroponic Garden...more

White Flowers for the Shade

As if the garden were aware of the colors that flatter it most, it chose white for its shade blooms, a color that creates drama when set against the darkness of its shadows. Many gardeners, weary of more unsuccessful attempts that they can palate, usually resign themselves to a shade garden without blooms, happy to see at least something alive cover that patch of dried up dirt they couldn’t prevail over....more

The Fabulous History of Wisteria

 Wisteria is loved around the world, enjoyed for its vigorous growth and gorgeous cascade of flowers that bloom in the spring. With a wide variety of vivacious varieties to chose from, homeowners, landscapers and property managers cherish the wisteria for its ability to add grace, beauty and charm to any home.Getting Down to Science...more

An Easy Way To Jazz Up A Plain Plastic Flower Pot (if you don’t have any paint!)

 I must say, I’m totally smitten with lightweight pots. For years I bought gorgeous ceramics planters but after you got the plants and dirt in, a front end loader  was needed to move them....more

As Garden Season Ends…