Foto Friday - Black and White, Round 2

I clearly love black and white photography. I love it so much that in the same month of the first post with black and white photos, I’m doing a second! Except this time, it’s not just a mish-mash of black and white; it’s all flowers.Enjoy!...more

Morning Glories

I was stopped in traffic.  Shocking, I know.In a drainage ditch, a patch of beautiful morning glories.  Right there…..8 blooms.  All open.  In a nasty rain run-off ditch on I-65 South.Flourishing.I smiled.  Yep, I did.  Those beautiful flowers opened wide on a nice cool morning.  Reaching for the sun.  Happy flowers....more

Come Meander Through My Gardens

 An  ALMOST Wordless Wednesday post Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul.  Luther Burbank The love of gardening is a seed once sown that never dies.  Gertrude Jekyll...more

The Golden Hour

Last night was one of those gorgeous nights.  The kind that makes me want to go off into the middle of the woods somewhere and just wander.Or at least, to the trail by my parents' house that I spent so much of my time at in high-school. After the storm ended - the rain stopped falling and the thunder quieted to a distant rumble - the air surrounding my little town turned almost golden, and there was a softness that I've been looking for all week. ...more

Tiger Lillies Usher in July's Heat and Passion and Usher Out a Misfit Chorus of Inner Critics

And just like that -- the tiger lilies bloom -- ushering in July's heat and passion....more

Friday Favorites

 here// This hilarious ...more

A Work in Progress

Every morning, when I get home from driving William to school, I get out of my car, start, walking toward the house, and then stop and stand staring like an idiot at my garden.  My neighbors probably think I’m crazy (actually, they already have plenty of other reasons to think that)....more

Give the gift of Vera Wang for Mother’s Day

Vera Wang has an FTD floral collection that can be sent around the world. -PJ Gach ...more

The beautiful springtime.

I was walking dawn the street, heading for the post office, excpected to see nothing else than streets and building. And there I stood right in front of theese trees. So beautiful! And lot of flowers. Just had to take a picture....more

Plants to Parrots-Shanghai Flower Market Doesn't Disappoint

Spring fever hit us hard this weekend.  BAM!  Like that f&%*ing local bus that tries to hit me every day on my morning commute.  BE NIMBLE OR DIE is my mantra.  And with sunny, 60+ degrees and somewhat blue skies (with the layer of pollution, they are never quite all blue),  we  felt revived and nimble so we shopped at a few local flower shops but decided to check out the flower market we had heard about before we purchased anything.  Dreams of lounging in Ikea patio chairs surrounded by fragrant flowering plants while enjoying a glass of win...more