Wordless Monday #10 (Almost)

Wordless Monday #5 (Almost)

3 Reasons Why Women Deserve Flowers As Gifts

Image credits: Maya FlowersBe it a Valentines day or any other day, we women love flowers as gifts any moment, any day. In fact, we don't even need an occasion to be gifted flowers and if there's a guy who keeps sending us flowers, there's no point in we'll deny talking to or befriending him....more

4 Ways The Online Flower Industry is Changing

Everyone loves flowers and it has been a part of our lives since a long time. The online marketing trends for the flower industry as also been changing a lot lately since the last decade and there seems to be no stopping. However, the trends has been evolving so fast that there are more competition now despite the habits of buying flowers being dropped significantly over the past few years....more

Little flowers

One of the first lessons I learned about gardening is the importance of supportive plants. Usually the aspiring gardener clears the coveted patch in the sun and fills it to the brim with showy plants, all stately and spectacular, selecting only the ones with the largest blooms....more

Roses, roses, roses!


Fading Tulips

 Took some pics of fading tulips. Still looking nice though, and kind of interesting.  - at least for my eyes. Shot plenty of them next to window to get more day light....more

Downton Abbey Tea

Hello  everyone,I just finished watching Downton Abbey tonight. I photographed this tea table yesterday and I wanted to have it ready for you on Monday morning.I just love  watching Masterpiece ~ Downton Abbey. And I love the sisters.As a Christmas gift I received the delicious Downton Abbey tea and after the holidays while shopping at World Market and found this adorable tea towel......more

Flower Bouquet Workshop


How To Recycle Bottles to Beautiful Flower Vases!

TRANSFORMING RECYCLED BOTTLES TO BEAUTIFUL FLOWER VASESHave you ever taken the time to really look at how beautiful some bottles and jars are…especially Passata jars, coffee jars and wine bottles. This may seem a little weird, but they really are gorgeous shapes and it seems like such a waste to simply throw them in the recycling bin....more