How To Make a Flower Ball: A Unique Gift

 I am so in love with this look right now!  A perfectly beautiful piece of art–a flower ball.  This is an original way of showcasing flowers, other than in a vase.This would be a perfect event decor piece (such as for Easter), hung above a table or in an entry way.  You can also give one as a gift–for a friend’s birthday or for your favorite Hostess!The best part about this is in the making of one....more

Heavenly Horticulture

Flowers have their own language and lore.  The Victorians loved to send “secret messages” within a bouquet to express love or friendship during a time of strict moral codes.   Early Christians used flowers to represent religious meaning in their teachings to illustrate a point since the majority of their followers were illiterate.  The most famous being the clover used by St. Patrick to represent the Holy Trinity....more

Romantic Flower Centerpiece: Easy Tips for a Beautiful Arrangement

You don't have to be a professional florist to make a beautiful centerpiece.  All that it requires is beautiful, healthy flowers, some patience, and a little basic knowledge of composition, which I will show you here. ...more

Spring Flowers Are Here

February is gone and March is here. What a sad little month February is. It is a short month, but feels like it goes on and on forever. That is how I felt when living in Michigan. The only thing that got me through without feeling completely blue was our yearly trip to Florida. We would travel to Florida the last week of February through the first week of March....more

Soft Spoken Flowers for Outspoken Ladies

Several years ago while cleaning out a desk in a Virginia funeral home – I came across a envelope marked “Favorite Flowers of the First Ladies”.   A few months ago I found the copy folded in my journal and decided to share them with you… ...more

How to Make a Compliment Bouquet

I am a girl who loves getting flowers. I know, I know. They die eventually. But for me, the surprise of a fresh bouquet never gets old and is always appreciated. My boyfriend, Shelton, is great at surprising me when I least expect it....more

Make Your Own Paper Lavendar Flowers

Lavendar Flower...more

Savor Your Sunflowers

There is something about a sunflower that makes me smile before I even realize it's happened. I always try to have them in my garden, if they manage to win the race against the squirrels and chipmunks in their early days of growth. I also like to make the most of these beauties by harvesting the seeds of my sunflowers. If you have never harvested any of your own seeds (flower or vegetable) this is a perfect first time candidate as the seeds are so large....more

The Care and Feeding of Orchids

The care and feeding of orchids. It is a subject I know nothing about. Seriously. Nothing. So, despite the fact that I love orchids, I have never owned one. To be completely honest - they scared me a little. More than a little. I was flat out intimidated by them.A couple of months ago, I was given an orchid as a farewell gift when I left my paying job. It was beautiful. Two stems full of gorgeous white blooms and healthy green leaves.  I owned an orchid!I started thinking... maybe I could care for an orchid! How hard could it be really?...more