A Work in Progress

Every morning, when I get home from driving William to school, I get out of my car, start, walking toward the house, and then stop and stand staring like an idiot at my garden.  My neighbors probably think I’m crazy (actually, they already have plenty of other reasons to think that)....more

Give the gift of Vera Wang for Mother’s Day

Vera Wang has an FTD floral collection that can be sent around the world. -PJ Gach ...more

The beautiful springtime.

I was walking dawn the street, heading for the post office, excpected to see nothing else than streets and building. And there I stood right in front of theese trees. So beautiful! And lot of flowers. Just had to take a picture....more

Plants to Parrots-Shanghai Flower Market Doesn't Disappoint

Spring fever hit us hard this weekend.  BAM!  Like that f&%*ing local bus that tries to hit me every day on my morning commute.  BE NIMBLE OR DIE is my mantra.  And with sunny, 60+ degrees and somewhat blue skies (with the layer of pollution, they are never quite all blue),  we  felt revived and nimble so we shopped at a few local flower shops but decided to check out the flower market we had heard about before we purchased anything.  Dreams of lounging in Ikea patio chairs surrounded by fragrant flowering plants while enjoying a glass of win...more

Flowers and flutterbys in photos: Happy Spring, people!

 It's been a difficult day in a difficult series of weeks and months, but with joy and gratitude I realized a new season is upon us. My favorite season, in fact: Spring....more

In the Garden

Mima loved to garden.  There were flowerbeds everywhere--at the road, next to the carport, around the tree, right in front of the front porch, by the back porch.  She did all her own gardening right up until she had her first stroke....more

Maia Makeover Monday

Happy Monday! I did a couple projects this weekend that made me think of my dear friend Maia. She is probably the only one I know (besides my mom :)!) who can match me in crafty skill and ambition! I have really enjoyed getting to know her the past couple years we have been at our church, and I love watching her adorable girls grow bigger every day. Maia is a great friend, and a wonderful mama, so here are some flowers inspired by her!...more
Winter fascinator. I love it. I hope you'll come back and share it with us when it's finished. :)more

Fourth Decor


How My Brown Thumb Lured Me to Outdoor Silk Gardening

  I usually write about tech, but today I transgress.I’m what you’d call a crafty sort of gal.  I’m a writer, knitter, baker and cook.  I love to create stuff; I just hate to water and weed it. That makes me a terrible gardener.I live in Michigan.  And, like most northern climes—the summers are short, so flower season is about 12 weeks long.  Gardening is a fast and furious sport around these parts....more