Beautiful Sunday

It is a beautiful day today, finally....more

Swallows and lilies. Solomon and Slim Helu.

Flowers and birds. Solomon and Carlos Slim Helu.Only God could connect these for a lesson on trust....more

This Moment Is Brought To You By...

  These beautiful flowers and sunshine is brought to you by SPRING---It's only a few short months away...hang in there. ...more

I am loved

My husband came home last night with the prettiest flowers.  They are bright and cheerful and I love them! ...more

Stop and Smell the December Flowers.

Oh, the weather outside is...65 and sunny? ...more
We should have snow by now but we don't. We just have lots of rain.more

The Orton Effect

The Experimental Photo Lab...more
Very Pretty!more

Paper Flowers

I saw a simple tutorial for paper flowers via Pintrest and decided to give it a try. The best thing about this project was that there was no measuring or folding required. Simply cut out irregular and haphazard circles and then roll. Plus, I had all of the supplies already on hand. Instead of a vase, I put the flowers in a reusable coffee mug since Erin has a love for warm beverages....more

On Being Middle Happy

 I'm a wedding florist....more

A Gift of Flowers

When you give a bouquet of flowers, or herbs, from your garden, put them in a mason jar and tie a strip of homespun fabric, or raffia around the neck of the jar, instead of ribbon....more
@HomeRearedChef Please tell him WELCOME!more

Plant Killer

I am a plant killer. I cannot keep potted plants. It’s beyond a black thumb; it’s ridiculous. I mean, how hard can this be? Aren’t plants at the bottom of the responsibility totem pole? Like, you tell your kids they can’t get a pet hamster until they prove they can care for a plant?...more