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One thing we have a TON of around Union Square is flower stands, there are about 5 in a 5 block radius on either side of you at any time. It's freaking fantastic! Yesterday a colleague of mine and I ventured out for a walk and I just had to look like a loony for few minutes to kneel down and snap some quick photos of the flowers.I had to use my iPhone and they are blurry as a result, but I still think they look semi cute enough!...more

When Can You Begin Planting?


Spring is always the longest season for me. I think it is because I so desperately want it to be ...more

A cat painting for spring

A cat painting for spring Here is my latest creation. A cat painting with flowers inspired by a previous painting that i did a couple years ago. This is acrylic and ink....more

I like it very much!

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April Fools...

    Today is the first day in April which makes it April Fools Day. I haven't had any jokes played on me yet and hopefully I won't! If you have played a joke today or have had one pulled on you comment and let me know about it! ...more

State of the Katie Address

I am warning you ahead of time: this is going to be really, really long... and pretty text-heavy.  ...more

Couple of Things

Wordless Wednesday


scandinavian cottage

Welcome to my Blog Scandinavian Cottage!http://scandinaviancottage.blogspot.com/  ...more