Garden Bloggers Bloom Day: October 15

Rhonda Fleming Hayes October 15 is a busy day...Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, Blog Action Day 2010...and National Grouch Day. However there's nothing to be grouchy about in the garden. I can think of many other g-words to describe it,  like great, glorious, gorgeous, and gratifying. See all the beautiful photos at The Garden Buzz.  ...more

A Garden Wedding

Saturday, August 28, 2010...more

Eyez Got Flowers Today

  My husband came home today with a bouquet of flowers and a vase to put them in.  I think its a vase. He tells me its a vase. How the hell is this a vase? How can a wife not be excited when her husband brings her flowers AND A VASE....more

Flower Gardening for Normal People

I have a simple gardening philosophy: If it looks bad, move it, kill it, or yank it out. Gardening does NOT have to be difficult. It helps to have no fear of killing the plants. I have no fear because I constantly remind myself that there will be a new garden next year. My first garden looked like a big patch of grass with a flower in it. I learned over time that patience and humor is critical to being successful. ...more

I share your philosophy and add, gardens are life, they want to grow, just let it (until you ...more

Wedding’s: Your Decorative Touch

To tell you a little bit more about me I enjoy event planning, crafting, being creative, decorating and arts. I enjoy being a DJ’s wife.  Why you may ask? It’s because of the people we meet. I have to admit that one of my favorite events to do are weddings. There’s so many things that the couple’s and their family have to do and prepare.Some reception halls are great, others may need a decorative touch to bring in the ambiance of the moment.For example at my wedding we had to put drapes on the walls. Otherwise, it would be  wooden paneling....more

Invincibelle Spirit Hydrangea: Shabby Chic With a Good Heart

Rhonda Fleming Hayes The time had come for a pink hydrangea that blooms just like Annabelle, always fresh looking and ever dependable, blooming profusely until frost. Supporting the cause for breast cancer research, a dollar of the purchase price of every Invincibelle Spirit goes to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Two reason to try this beautiful bloomer. Read the rest at The Garden Buzz...more

A Sneaky Snapdragon and Other Serendipitous Plants

Rhonda Fleming Hayes I didn't even notice the snapdragon until it was almost ready to bloom. There behind the winterberry bush a scattered seed had germinated and flourished un-tended and unintended. Suddenly stalks of delicate pink pockets of flowers arose from behind the informal hedge as if to say, "Ha-ha, look at me, you're not totally in charge of this garden". Read more about these accidental plants and floriferous garden party crashers at The Garden Buzz  ...more

Forget The Bouquet, Single Ladies Need to Catch a Break

Teresa Tam Photography, http://www.TeresaTamStudio.comAs a frequent single at weddings, catching the bouquet symbolized more than just being next up to the altar. It represented being on a team perceived as less favorable – the singles team. Identifying oneself as such to a wedding crowd is not always fun. It’s like announcing that your batting average in relationships is so low that you’ve resorted to catching a bunch of flowers for good luck in love. It’s no wonder the bouquet toss has fallen out of favor....more

Our 2010 Spring Garden

This is such an exciting time of the year for us! Gardening Season! Here is the layout this year, more to come with updates as they get more and more pretty....more

Forget Flowers - Gimme Chocolate

Springtime in the UK and blasted hayfever is once again beginning its annual ruination of many lives. After a prolonged winter the explosion of flowers and tree blossom has released huge amounts of pollen into the atmosphere - pollen that I wish would stay in the flowers until the busy bees come and harmlessly move it from one to another ...more