SpringTime is Garden Time

The transition time between the frigid, wet winter (yes, it gets cold and wet in Southern California too!) and the heat of the summer is, by far, my favorite time of the year. Growing up on the East Coast, spring came in spits and spats with the crocus bulbs blooming through patches of snow and the first robin spotted on the front lawn that looked like it had not seen the sun for months. But once the snow was completely gone and people braved the outdoors wearing only a t-shirt (even though it was still cool outside) you knew that spring had finally arrived in all its glory....more

It's Springtime: How do You Use Up Lettuce and Herbs?

When asking people about their weekly produce box, I heard from many of you who belong to Community Supported Agriculture Groups (CSAs). Y’all have reported that springtime is the most difficult because your farm share is flush with lettuce and herbs. So flush that your family starts looking like a bunch of rabbits and you spend all your time clearing every possible surface in preparation for drying out little leaves. (This is not just a problem for those in CSAs but also for all you over-eager gardeners out there.) I get it. I mean, how much lettuce and herbs can you really eat?  ...more

Somehow I have never become a gin fan, despite repeated samplings at my in-law's. But I ...more

Buttered Brussels Sprouts

I might have been the only kid who actually enjoyed eating brussels sprouts. My parents always made them this way, making the unfavorable veggie a favorite of mine. Cooking them like this makes them soft, mushy and flavorful. You can cut them in half with a fork and pair them with almost any fish, chicken or meat dish, like my broiled sea scallops. ...more

I love brussel sprouts and haven't had any in months! I think I need to add them to my easter ...more


A few weeks ago my dad gave me 3 cucumber plants along with a huge planter to put them in. My dad has always had a garden with tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, corn and other yummy vegetables. I do not. I am not found of yard work much less gardening. Add in that I am horrible at keeping plants alive, something about that pesky watering them I just can't seem to get down, and you can see why I don't generally waste my time with something that will just die anyways....more

Stuffed Zucchini

Vanishing veggies and recipe for zucchini gratin

Some traumatic childhood memories can involve eating vegetables, like not being able to leave the table until your portion of carrots are gone. Or remembering with dread how your mom served your breakfast with a side of cold peas that you refused to eat the night before. When I was little, mom always asked me to clean my plate, but she didn’t know that I figured out how to cover up any incriminating evidence. In the house I grew up in, our kitchen table was right next to a window that had drapes....more

Eat From the Fountain of Youth!

Eat From the Fountain of Youth:  5 Food Groups that Keep You Looking Young What is the secret of staying youthful and aging well? How can we best fight off the toll time takes on our bodies? What many people don’t realize in their quest for eternal youth is that the secret to staving off Father Time lies not so much in that shot of botox, bottle of supplements or on the plastic surgeon’s table but is much more dependant on what is being routinely served on your dinner plate....more

yes,we have no bananas

My friend asked if I was going to throw it in the compost. Nope, I said, I'm going to have it for breakfast tomorrow. It should be just about ripe enough…...more

Yes we have no bananas todaaayyyyyy.

I'm going to have that stuck in my head. ...more

Lasagna: Layer on the Veggies

My father-in-law’s favorite meal strategy is to “use up.” He rummages in the fridge and pulls out anything that requires immediate eating. He evaluates the pile of bits and bobs on the counter, grabs a frying pan and starts cooking. It’s never the same twice but it’s always (surprisingly) delicious. People I’ve asked about the cons to their weekly produce box say it’s a challenge to use everything. From the advice they’ve given me, emptying the box seems to require a vigilant using-up mindset, like my father-in-law’s. ...more

Spring's Bounty: Fresh & Simple Sides

Spring’s Bounty: Fresh & Simple Sides I know it’s not officially spring until March 20, but in sunny SoCal, we sure got a taste of it today!...more