Down and Dirty

Getting my hands dirty Welcome to the first decent weekend we've had since last October! and what do we do on decent weekends? We work in our gardens! Introducing Garden 2010 Update 1!! ...more

kumquats in honey-ginger syrup

Chef Michael Giletto Showcases Culinary Expertise & Christopher Ranch Love At James Beard Foundation

Give a warm welcome to guest blogger, Amber; my fellow cohort at the Ranch. I'm playing hooky from the blog today. Trying to find a way to get myself to Vancouver or New Orleans this weekend... ...more

Culinary Students Win Big in Christopher Ranch Garlic Gridiron Challenge

Like the New Orleans Saints, the 2010 Super Bowl victor, Christopher Ranch Roasted Garlic & Blue Cheese Crab Dip scored the winning touchdown in this year’s Christopher Ranch Garlic Gridiron Challenge. ...more

Julie & Julia Round 3: Healthiest Garlic Pizza Ever

I absolutely love pizza. I mean, I luh-uhve pizza. Unfortunately, I largely attribute my 40-lb. weight gain in college to my incessant pizza crushing, so I'm always a little weary when I'm confronted with a big, greasy, cheesy, scrumptious slice. When it comes to pizza chowing, I'm akin to Old School's Frank the Tank - once I start, I can't stop. ...more

Happy Heart Month...Keep It Happy With California Heirloom Garlic

Valentines aren’t the only hearts receiving recognition throughout February. February, dubbed "American Heart Month" since 1963, is a month dedicated to raising awareness of heart health and mitigating cardiovascular disease; the number one killer in the U.S. ...more

It's Winter: Plan Right Now for a Successful Summer Garden

I stand at my window on a cool, damp January day, beginning the important first step of gardening: planning. At the moment, the garden beds harbor perennial plants storing up moisture and energy for the next year's growth. The lawn is bright green with a weedy annual grass that will die with the first hint of temperatures over 80 degrees. Weeds are dominating both the lawn and garden beds. ...more
@cathych Hi there cathych! I love home gardening as well. I put up post this morning that has ...more

Eating Local Made a Little Easier

Rhonda Fleming Hayes ...more

Confession: I do not recycle.

There, I said it. I can see the disappointment on your face; the sideways smirk, a slight "tsk." And it makes me want to hide under the table and suck my thumb. There are things I think I do to help the environment and as much as I'd like to think I'm jumping on the GREEN bandwagon, I've more or less took hold - but my body is dragging along, pulled at top speed, hitting every rock and tree along the way. Therefore with this new year, I'm going to try to be, as much as I can be: Green"ish." ...more

Julie & Julia Round 2: Spicy California Gumbo

From time to time, I'm likeThe Beatles - I get by with a little help from my friends. ...more