Embarking On My Own Julie & Julia Quest; Cooking Through The Garlic Bible

Call me a copycat.  It's true; I deserve it. Though, in my defense, they say copying is the most sincere form of flattery. ...more

Next Year is Here! Garden Planning Begins....

Rhonda Fleming Hayes The snow plows have created a sea wall of sorts in my front yard; the snow has been piled and pushed to form a barrier between my house and the street. Packed so tightly, it glows blue in the crevices just like icebergs in the Arctic. It's hard to imagine the garden again. ...more

Chinese Garlic Prices Continue Spiking; Welcome News For California Growers

It’s been a Happy New Year for domestic garlic growers, thus far.  Entering 2010, Chinese garlic supplies have remained uncharacteristically low and prices abnormally high; fueling a domestic demand that hasn’t been this fervent for a while, thanks to cheap Chinese garlic swallowing the majority of the U.S. market in recent years. ...more

Another new weight loss journey

I am 60 years old, way overweight , feel much older than I am and had been to that place in my head that says there is nothing you can do about it, surrender to the aches and pains caused both by my body being so big and osteoarthritis and just give up....more

I love Tuesdays

by Shiloh Ballard ...more

A Little Culinary Insight From Chef Heinz Lauer - Local, Artisan, Small Plates, Garlic, Las Vegas & More

If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone utter the word, “trend,” in the weeks leading up to 2010, well, you could dub me the new Warren Buffet.  ...more

Oh My Carrots!

I’ve tried growing carrots umpteen times. I sowed seeds in raised beds filled with rich, deep, loose soil. I’ve gotten two puny harvests. Today’s bunch was a cruel joke. ...more


nina corbett nina@putsup.com www.putsup.comJanuary 5, 2010...more

Those pickles do look tasty! And pretty too, I will give those a ...more

A plan for all seasons


New Years Resolution: Day 4 The night I beat Olive Garden.

Mr. R is I-talian....more