Making a sunflower playhouse or a bean/pea teepee

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Sprouts. Fast Food Vegetables.

“From seed to salad in only one week,” says Good Sprout News about vegetable sprouts.  Sprouts are nature’s fast food!  And, “they can be locally grown and available in all four seasons.” ...more

Monday Dose of Market: Backyard Greenhouse Bounty

Have you ever thought about building a greenhouse in your backyard?  Ed has.  A lot.  From inexpensive yet effective materials, to  passive heating and vegetable yields, this greenhouse in South Denver is more than a casual hobby.  Stepping through the sliding glass door out of the snow, Ed welcomed us into his world with socked feet, standing on a small patch of grass.  The warmth enveloped me and I immediately began planning my own backyard greenhouse in my head....more

Well actually..we kinda do....

I am a vegan. Well I'm a lot of things but its one of the many tags I've attached to myself over the years. Now I am normally the easy going vegan. I'm not the sort to explain in graphic detail the life and death of your chicken sandwich over lunch. Nor will I refuse to eat with meat eaters, criticise their eating habits or push my own beliefs on others. Until today...... ...more

A couple of years ago:


Eggplant Sauce ...more

Monday Dose of Market: Vendors at the Denver Indoor Farmers Market

Last week, I was so taken in with the baby chicks for sale at Denver Urban Homesteading’s Indoor Farmers’ Market, that I didn’t post pictures of other vendors from the market.  There is a surprising amount of variety for February!  While fresh veggies are in short supply, vendors like Ginger’s Gourmet had the good sense to put up concoctions like zucchini relish last summer....more

Down and Dirty

Getting my hands dirty Welcome to the first decent weekend we've had since last October! and what do we do on decent weekends? We work in our gardens! Introducing Garden 2010 Update 1!! ...more

Chef Michael Giletto Showcases Culinary Expertise & Christopher Ranch Love At James Beard Foundation

Give a warm welcome to guest blogger, Amber; my fellow cohort at the Ranch. I'm playing hooky from the blog today. Trying to find a way to get myself to Vancouver or New Orleans this weekend... ...more